The Truth About Vision

I think that most people get it wrong when it comes to their Vision.

I think that having a Vision isn’t about prediction the future or daydreaming about what things could be like.

Vision is about creating the future.

It’s about making what you believe can happen…the business and the life you want…making that exist.

Maybe that’s why I’ve long thought of Walt Disney as a mentor even though he passed away several years before I was born.

He had a formula for achievement that I think is the foundation of just about anything great…

Dream – Believe – Dare – Do

Dream – getting clear about what success looks like. Knowing what you want to achieve.

Believe – knowing that achieving this goal is not only possible, but it’s something that fits with your values and aligns with the other things that are important to you.

Dare – actually setting out to achieve that goal and moving from ‘I wish that would happen’ to ‘I’m going to make that happen.’

Do – taking the consistent action necessary to make your goal a reality.

So when you think about the fitness business that you want, your Ideal Business, are you dreaming about it or are you following this type of proven formula for success?

My guess is both.

Sometimes you’ve just daydreamed about what is possible and sometimes you’ve gotten clear about what you’ve wanted to achieve and you’ve gone after it successfully.

Learn from that.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that anything is possible.

If you’re 5’7” you’re not going to play center in the NBA.

You’re probably not going to be President either.

But you can create a business that allows you to have the impact, income and lifestyle that you want.

You just have to Dream, Believe, Dare and Do.


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