We all want to improve.

We want to grow.

Whether it’s the business side of things…to get more clients, increase our income or enjoy more free time…

…or it’s to become a better coach, more knowledgeable about your craft..or any number of other things.

We aren’t wired to be content with the status quo for long.

So with that in mind, I wanted to give you a 5 step plan to grow…no matter how you want to evolve and improve.

Step 1: You must set a goal.

You need a specific target. Something to aim for. It’s not unlike setting your destination in your GPS. It’s a necessity if you want to create a map…i.e. – a plan. So decide where you want to go.

Step 2: You need to understand how a process leads to a goal.

If you’re stuck at a certain level or in a specific place…you basically have as many things holding you back as you do propelling you forward.

Let’s say that you are stuck at 75 clients.

That means you have as many clients leaving each month as you have coming in.

You need to develop a process that you’re executing on a daily basis which adds more clients while reducing the attrition.

When you have that process in place and active…the incoming will no longer equal the outgoing…and you’ll start seeing growth.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is…when you have a daily process that causes the plusses to outweigh the minuses, progress begins.

Step 3: Start adding the ‘plusses.’

How are you going to move toward what you want?

How will you get more clients in the door?

How will you create more income?

How will you gain the knowledge you need to move something forward?

Think about what you want (rather than dwelling on what you don’t want) and how you can take incremental steps to move toward it. Each step is a ‘plus’…a purposeful move toward where you want to be.

Step 4: Begin removing ‘minuses.’

Next, you plug the drains in your business (or life) that are slowing the progress toward your goal.

If your goal is to increase your clients…you need to decrease retention.

If you want more personal wealth, you need to cut unnecessary expenses.

What can you remove or eliminate that will assist you in moving forward?

Maybe it’s a habit that you have which slows you down…or complacency…the feeling that things are ok so there is not enough reason to act.

Whatever things are holding you back or slowing you down…you need to start eliminating them or reducing them…one by one.

Step 5: Course correct along the way.

Things rarely appear exactly as you might have expected them to in the beginning of the journey.

Be adaptable.

Your goals may change along the way…adapt the process.

Maybe unforeseen opportunities to add ‘plusses’ or remove ‘minuses’ come along.

Opportunities and obstacles will both pop up…re-route as needed to keep making progress.

Follow those five steps and you can accomplish most anything you set out to achieve.

It’s pretty simple if you think about it.

If you have a client that comes in and wants to lose weight…you set a goal and likely a timeframe in which they should achieve it.

You map out a program designed to get them there.

You include things that will accelerate their progress…strength training, conditioning, supportive foods, etc.

You subtract sedentary habits, foods that might be moving them away from their goals…and anything else that is a roadblock to success.

Then you adapt the plan along the way to ensure that progress keeps coming at an acceptable rate.

As you know by now…success isn’t complicated. It’s clarity of destination blended with consistency and commitment to get there.

These 5 simple steps will help you along the way.

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