Billy Hofacker saw a 25% increase in his net income and his gross revenue has seen a 12% growth!
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Before I met Pat Rigsby, I was actually doing really well. I had two locations and a team of about six of us. Obviously, I’m always trying to get better and that’s what led me to Pat. I was doing really well but never being fully satisfied and wanting to get to the next level and Pat really helped me get to that next level.

I have worked with a lot of the other mentors and experts in the industry on the coaching side and I am very careful because I’ve seen a lot of things that I’m maybe not so thrilled about. I’m not going to choose just anybody to work with. There’s a lot of trust that’s involved with somebody coaching you on your business. What I got with Pat is that he really cares. I mean, you can tell it’s really clear that he’s long-term minded. He’s looking to develop a relationship with you. I felt like he was looking to get to know me, to actually care about what I wanted for my life and for my business.

There's a lot of trust that's involved with somebody coaching you on your business.
So that’s some of the bigger reasons why I ultimately wanted to work with him. But then there’s just the fact that, he’s very real and he’s somebody that’s not like sitting up high somewhere and just giving you stuff to do. I mean, he’s right there with you helping you out. So that’s why I decided to jump on board and work with Pat and eventually join the Ideal Business Academy.

This just fits my style of working and my personality. I love the organization behind things.

Everybody’s different so when it’s my clients hopefully they are, in Pat’s terminology, our ideal client and we’re ideal to work with them. I honestly feel like Pat is the ideal coach for me and it doesn’t mean that some of the other ones couldn’t be great but for me what really works is just the game plan. Like I don’t need a lot of the nonsense, I just really want to know what works, what are the steps, and I follow those steps trying not to confuse the formula.

And I felt like Pat was a great person, he has so much experience. I didn’t even know all the things that he did but I knew he was involved in a lot of businesses. He helped a lot of people grow their business and I’m now seeing potential that I never would have imagined a while back.
I'm now seeing potential that I never would have imagined a while back.
I would say that, I’m not like this fast adopter. I’m a little bit slow moving but as soon as I got to actually work with him, when I went to see him live, I knew I made a really, really good decision.

A lot of it is the mindset of being a producer. They’re not like these crazy theories or anything like that, but just the idea that we produce what we get. We can produce more clients. We can produce more revenue. We can produce a better lifestyle for ourselves and our family. We can produce some wealth. I mean these are things that we are in control of. So I don’t even want to say that I didn’t know that before I met Pat, but I guess I didn’t because I wasn’t always living that way before.

But before this, it was maybe like, just kind of being steady and being too accepting of where I was at and not saying, “No. If I want to make X more money, I need to get X amount of more clients and this is what I need to do to get there.” Those are some of things that were the biggest takeaways—the mindset of just creating higher bars, higher standards without sacrificing your lifestyle.
Those are some of the things that were the biggest takeaways - the mindset of just creating higher bars, higher standards without sacrificing your lifestyle.
That’s probably Pat’s other biggest strength compared to a lot of other coaches is he’s really concerned. He’s very concerned with his own family life. He’s going to turn down big opportunities so that he can spend more time with his family and his kid and that resonated with me—somebody with two small kids and a wife—that’s what I want. It’s like you practice what you preach. You know, if I work with a coach that’s working 90 hours a week and they’re super successful but their family doesn’t even know them, I mean that’s not really success to me. But Pat is successful to me because he’s obviously doing really well, he’s helping a ton of people, but he’s still prioritizing those things that are important.

I guess “values” is the right word. Our values are aligned. I think I have very similar values as he does, and I think I just went on a tangent.

It’s been about a year since I started working with Pat, only a year, and the results have been phenomenal from a numbers standpoint. The biggest thing has been our profit margin. The previous year I saw a lot of growth, but I’d just opened up a brand new facility so of course I’m going to be able to generate more revenue. But I was already doing well and we were already doing well and we then we saw a 25% increase in our net income. The business was taking home and making 25% more which is phenomenal.

Our gross revenue is set to be about somewhere between 10 and 12% growth, which is also really great. But I think the bigger takeaway for me is the whole thing of it’s not what you make it’s what you keep that really matters.
But I think the bigger takeaway for me is the whole thing of it's not what you make it's what you keep that really matters.
I would say it’s quite honestly one of the biggest sources of fulfillment that I have that I get to do what I love. I get to make a good living at doing it. I get to help other people make a living at what they love. I get to help people transform their lives and bodies. So it’s amazing. It’s awesome. And then to know that there’s even so much more potential, I feel like I am being a part of something great and it feels awesome.

I would say it's quite honestly one of the biggest sources of fulfillment that I have that I get to do what I love.
I’ve mentioned this before to Pat, the way I’m wired, I’m sort of like a skeptical person. I’m the type of person that believes, “Oh, yeah. You can do this yourself.” I do believe in myself. I’m motivated. I’m a coach myself. I coach my team. I’m a leader. I lead my team. I lead my family. I lead my clients. But I think it is a mistake to think that I don’t need my own coach or leader. That’s really foolish and it’s something that I’m aware of now more than ever.

Pat is as real as it gets. So, he’ll just tell you exactly how it is and sometimes there could be something that I am stressing out about for weeks and then I talk to Pat and it’s like literally a one-second response and the problem’s solved. Many times it’s something like…why didn’t I think of that? He has got a really good way of making the complex simple and easy to apply and understand. That’s one thing that comes to mind as far as working with Pat.
He has got a really good way of making the complex simple and easy to apply and understand.
I think we all want to enjoy what we do so he makes it enjoyable. He builds a great team with you with the other people in the group, and that’s another thing that’s very priceless. Whether it’s me helping out somebody else who is not quite as far along in their business or maybe it’s me connecting with other people in the group who have gone through what I’ve gone through.

It’s not even just the business stuff. Of course we all want to do better and make more money, etc… But sometimes it’s the other stuff, too. It’s the personal stuff that’s a struggle and we all need to realize that we’re not fighting this stuff alone. It’s no coincidence that he’s built a great group to nurture that support.

If you’re on the fence about working with Pat, I can say is I understand. I’ve been there you are—maybe money’s a little bit tight and you’re not sure if it’s really going to pay off. I would say that it’s very clear that I’m so passionate about working with Pat so my advice would be to just do it and stop thinking about it. Because Pat will never make you feel pressured. Pat is not looking to extract as much money out of you as possible. Pat could probably make a lot more money from me if he wanted to. If he called me up and told me he had some kind of offer or he wanted me to be in some other group, I probably would join. Pat makes me want to be involved in what he’s doing because of the trust. He’s never going to push anything down your throat.

If either one of you feel like it’s not the right fit, then it’s fine as far as he’s concerned because he’s not looking to just work with as many people as possible. He wants people where it’s going to be a good fit. Where it’s going to create success on both ends. What’s a worst-case scenario? There’s really no downside. There’s no way that you are not going to receive more in return from what you’re investing.
There's really no downside. There's no way that you are not going to receive more in return from what you're investing.
His integrity is unbeatable. I’ve been working with Pat long enough that I feel like I know the real him at this point, like what you see is what you get. And he’s not flashy. He’s very much down to earth.

He is intentional about being known for creating that ideal business, the ideal life for both him and the people in his circle.

If I could say one thing to Pat it would be, “Pat, thank you so much. You changed my life. You changed my family’s life. You changed my clients’ life. You’ve changed my team’s life. There is an effect that you’ve helped create that I can’t even quantify. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do and for all that you’ve done.”

I’ve been involved with probably almost every coaching group in our industry and there has been no better group.
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