My job is helping entrepreneurs like you solve their problems.

You solve your clients’ problems…I solve yours.

And when I ask business owners like you (I just did this a few days ago and got hundreds of replies) what your biggest problem is…

…the answers are not really too broad.

Usually, they fall into 3 ‘buckets’

How do I get more leads?

How do I get more clients?

How do I get more time off?

But the reality is that I think the real problem is related to those…but it’s slightly different.

I think the real problem you need to solve is:

How do I make more money?

I am not saying that having more revenue or personal income solves every problem…

…but it gives you a LOT more flexibility when it comes to solving the other problems that come your way.

With more money coming in, your options expand.

Instead of having to bootstrap everything…you can choose the best path rather than the cheapest.

You can hire more help.

You can outsource advertising or bookkeeping or any other thing you want to move off of your plate.

You can become the ‘facilitator of things getting done’ rather than the ‘doer of all things.’

My own experience has taught me a lot with this.

I know that there was a point where I worked about 50-65% more than I do now…but accomplished a lot less because I was the ‘doer’ of pretty much everything.

But today my business gets a lot more done and I’m playing my best role from both a profitability and an income standpoint…and working less.

And let’s be honest…personally, more money provides more options too.

We’ve incurred a lot of medical related expenses for Alex lately…and if we had to choose only based on what insurance would cover, we’d have had far fewer options that likely were inferior to those we were able to choose based on their potential ability to help.

So, if you want a better business, a lot of the time the money problem is the first one you need to solve.

Now you may think that more leads will yield that…but those two things aren’t directly correlated.

More leads *might* lead to more money.

But a better way to think about it is to determine the outcome you want reverse engineer things to assure your of getting there.

With that in mind, I’m going to spend the next few days sharing how I optimize my business and help entrepreneurs optimize theirs…so stay tuned.

Admittedly, my approach is simple.

Nothing flashy…anyone who knows me knows that I’m anything but flashy 🙂

Fundamental things rooted in how our prospects and clients really think and act rather than how we wish they’d act.

And it works.

So, stay tuned over the next few day and I’ll give you my approach for making more money in exchange for doing good work.

And if you’d like to have me & my team help you customize this approach to you & your business…reply and put ‘Customize’ in the subject line. We’ll get on a call to see how we might be able to work together.

Dedicated to Your Success,




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