I love this idea of managing your minimums

It’s something Janell shared with me years ago, initially around nutrition habits.

Your minimums are ideally behaviors/habits that you are able to perform just about 100% of the time.

For example, at a minimum, Janell and I don’t drink alcohol or eat gluten.

For the last 185 days (as of writing this) I have meditated at least 5 minutes each morning.

Without fail, Pat writes a daily newsletter.

You get the idea.

And, you probably have a list of minimums of your own whether you formally note them or not.  Hopefully, you brush your teeth everyday.  ;-b

Let’s get serious now…

You need to have a set of minimums that you manage in your business each day/week/month.

Maybe it’s posting on social media at least once per day, writing a newsletter 3x/week, and/or hosting an event once per month.

There are all kinds of minimums – success habits – that you can set for yourself.

But today, I actually want to share a different minimum…

Your monthly revenue minimum.

Have you ever (OFFICIALLY) made a commitment to NEVER let your monthly revenue go below a certain number?

I’m talking do whatever it takes commitment to always being above that number…

If you haven’t, I want to encourage – no, IMPLORE – you to do so.

One of the things that were really powerful back in my big box PT sales days was what they call “closeout.”

Essentially, it was this idea of all hands on deck PRODUCTION MODE for the last 3 days of the month to hit goal.

It became a problem, something people dreaded, when one of two things happened:

  1. People slacked during the month so the end of the month often required a closeout approach
  2. Closeout became an expected thing even when the goal was already hit – that’s a great way to burn your team out!

That’s probably one of the things that are so great about having your own business.  You don’t HAVE TO work all day Saturday and Sunday if the month end falls on a weekend.

What does it matter if the money comes in on the 31st or the 1st?  It’s all going into your account and it’s not like there’s a bonus tied to the monthly number, right?

That’s a relief…

…and a bit of a curse.

Because without a minimum to hold yourself accountable to do, your business will have minimum growth!

You might think I’m being overly dramatic, but, TRUST ME, I’m not.

If you’re not holding yourself accountable to a minimum, it’s really easy to become complacent, comfortable, and perhaps, a little lazy.

So, if there’s ONE thing I can advise you on going into 2019 it would be to set a minimum for your monthly revenue.

Oh, and don’t be cute with the number you pick.  If it’s an amount you never fell below this year then, unless you don’t want to increase revenue (which may be the case), it’s too low.

Stretch yourself when you pick your minimum…

You could raise it 10 or 20% from this year’s minimum.

You could make it your average month from this year.

Heck, you could make it your best month from this year.

The choice, of course, is yours.

Just make sure that when you choose it…you STICK TO IT!


Justin Yule


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