In this podcast I speak with John Berardi about the change maker system and what the inspiration is for this project.  He talks about the internal conflict he experienced when the work seemed to be fulfilling a purpose but you are not having any fun and how to turn that around.  John shares the importance of doing what you are good and setting guardrails to stop doing what you are not enjoying.  Setting these guardrails for John is where the change maker concept was born.

We talk about the challenge with the transition between business adventures when you find alignment with your values and your vision, you want to pursue other things but you are struggling with the challenge between being excited about what you are doing but having other things clouding your judgment.

We talk about how using the change maker system could bring such a change for so many people and the fitness business in general.  John shares his experience as he went through the system with precision nutrition and how that transformed their human resources systems.

John expresses that the goal is to help people emerge with a clear picture, get clear thinking, and then work from that rather than taking all of the inputs of life and allowing those to make a messy stew in your head of what you think you should do next.

I ask John to expand on his philosophy of guardrails.  He shares why they are important and how to use them along with his own personal experience with setting guardrails.

In the end we talk about how John has the ability to make systems and how he is able to turn concepts into tools that can be employed to reach a goal.  He shares that this is what the change maker system is really all about.


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