Jungle Athletics is located in Calgary, Alberta and owned by Greg Almond.  Dedicated to helping open minded, self motivated youth athletes to take action and build a better version of themselves.

Greg Almond as the Strength Coach for the Chinese National Olympic Speed Skating program has provided insight into what it takesto become a world class elite athlete. Greg has established himself as a leader in the Strength and Conditioning world and is a sought after consultant, speaker and presenter. Greg is committed to commitment and believes in mutual respect for one’s body and triggering the process by which the body adapts to reach it’s fullest potential. He is dedicated to helping all those who are prepared to make real changes in their lives. Now established in Calgary, Alberta Greg works with a wide range of people from Athlete’s, Sports Teams, Fitness Models, Pageant contestants and people who are committed to getting in shape. His passion for fitness and results he creates with his clients are what make him a true success! 



P.S. – 3 Months of Coaching…Free.

We’re taking on a few new clients in our Business Growth Coaching Program to help them remodel what they’re doing to not only succeed for the rest of 2021, but to set them up to thrive as the industry evolves.

Right now we’re testing this program as a ‘pay as you profit’…

…every payment will be more than covered by the previous month’s growth…guaranteed.

Plus, to get started, there is no fee for the first three months and we only ask for a fee once you’ve earned enough to cover the costs.

Would you be interested in discussing?

If so, email me here with ‘interested’ in subject line and we’ll set up a chat.