One of the things that I focus on with my clients is trying to find ways to make things simpler.

As a business owner, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed. You’ve got programs to write, clients to serve, team members to lead, bills to pay and so many other things on your plate that it’s easy to feel like you’re in quicksand.

Well, you can’t build your Ideal Business that way.

You’ve got to simplify things so you can make progress.

Here’s one of the ways that I help clients do that:

We see our businesses as 3 Units.

The Attraction Unit – Lead Generation…preferably attracting the right number of the right prospects.

The Conversion Unit – Moving those prospects from initially being interested to actually being successful, paying clients.

The Service & Experience Unit – Delivering a ‘dream come true’ result those clients want through an experience that makes them happy.

That’s it.

Do those 3 things profitably while playing your ‘best role’ in the business and it’s going to be pretty close to Ideal.

Think about it…everything fits in those 3 Units.

The only reason you need to hire a Team…you’re Attracting & Converting more clients than you personally want to deliver the Service & Experience to.

Staff training…it’s just ensuring that your Team can deliver that ‘dream come true’ result those clients want through an experience that makes them happy.

It all fits.

So, seeing your business through the lens of those 3 units is my first step towards simplifying and moving toward your Ideal Business.

Next up, we actually have to Produce.

Building your Ideal Business is really a product of you Producing…or creating progress…on a daily basis.

In fact, I’ve been a fan of the phrase ‘Win The Day’ since 1995…my first year as a head college baseball coach.

I told my players that if we practiced better than our opponent each day, those daily ‘wins’ would accumulate and overcome any talent or resource shortcomings we had.

See, I think breaking up that bigger goals (in that case, winning games during the season) into daily challenges is a powerful strategy.

In fact, I’d tell you that my business success is largely a result of accrued, small victories over time.

It’s easier to motivate yourself to conquer the challenge of Winning The Day than it is of tackling a bigger, often daunting task.

But Win enough days and you achieve your goals.

Now what does that look like in a practical sense?

Well, we need to make progress in all 3 Units.

It doesn’t have to be huge progress…but we need to make progress.

I look at it this way…

The Attraction Unit – did I attract any new prospective clients today?

The Conversion Unit – did I help move any of those prospects toward becoming clients today?

The Service & Experience Unit – did I move my clients toward their a ‘dream come true’ result through an experience that makes them happy today?

I think most of us feel like we do a solid job with the 3rd Unit…and that’s likely true. Just don’t take it for granted.

Remember, it’s not just delivering a workout…it’s moving them toward their goals while making them happy today.

Now that happy part often gets overlooked, but if they’re happier when they’re with you…they’ll be with you more often. I’ll discuss this more in a future Memo, but never lose sight of the fact that no one will stick around with you for years if the experience doesn’t make them happy in some way.

I’m trying to make sure I don’t ‘put up a zero’ in any of these 3 areas on any work day.

They don’t all get equal attention every day…but they all are attended to.

For the Attraction Unit it may be as simple as having my FB ads running and getting new subscribers to my daily email.

For the Conversion Unit it could be just sending my daily email with the PS that generates business daily or doing a call with a prospective client.

For the Service & Experience Unit it’s often coaching calls or live meetings where there is some tangible problem solved or improvement planned.

I know that if I stack up 250 or so of these Winning Days in a year, my business got a LOT better…because that’s the minimum.

Some days I may do a lot more in one or two of those Units.

I may have 10 calls with prospects like I did yesterday or be hosting a Mastermind member with a group of clients where quantum leaps are made.

But the idea is simple…no zeros. Win The Day.

What are some things that would qualify for an offline business in each category?

Attract Unit Examples:

  • A social media post with a link to your Lead Magnet.
  • A press release sent.
  • Attending a networking event.
  • An Introduction to someone new.
  • A referral from a client.
  • An ad deployed.
  • Meeting with a Strategic Alliance Partner to connect with their audience.

There are many more options…and the goal is simple: add at least 1 or 2 people to your prospect list. Do one of these or some other ‘Attract’ activity and if it produces, do more of it. If it doesn’t, improve it or replace it.

If you have more time on a given day…do more. But no zeroes.

Convert Unit Examples:

  • Following up with inactive clients.
  • Delivering Success Sessions, Consults or Assessments.
  • 3X Week of Newsletter with Super Signature / Offer
  • Personal networking / outreach.

The conversion unit is simple. It’s just following up and moving people closer to becoming clients. Once they’ve joined, onboard them well so they stay.

You’re doing some of this…so do more. Do it proactively rather than haphazardly or reactively.

And again…no zeroes.

Result & Experience Unit Examples:

  • Great training sessions.
  • Team Meetings.
  • Personal Text / Call / Email To Client
  • Personal Meeting – In Person (Around Session / Lunch / Coffee)
  • One-on-One Meeting with Team Members
  • Holding Team Accountable to Systems

Nothing outlandish…just treat people like they want to be treated. Make them feel important. Make them better. No zeroes.

If you plan your day the evening before (you should), then you just map out your 3 Daily BIG Wins…the #1 Win in each area…and make sure they get done.

That’s the minimum requirement to ‘Win The Day.’

Do more if you can…but don’t let yourself get derailed and fail to do those.

Plan your day and proactively do something in each Unit. If it works, do more of it. If it doesn’t work well enough…improve it or replace it.

Stack those Wins up and dial in each Unit so it’s working well and you’ll have your Ideal Business sooner than you thought possible.

Pat Rigsby

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