Most Fit Pros Only Get It Half Right …
Fellow Fitness Professional,

We’re a lot alike, you and me …  

Like you, I make my living as a small business owner.  

Also like you, my niche is fitness and my passion is changing lives.  

And I’ll bet you a steak dinner we got started the same way, too.  

For my first few years as a personal trainer, I focused 100% of my time, attention, and energy on learning my craft.  

I got my education, my certifications, and my experience in the trenches, working long hours for little pay.  

I committed to being the best personal trainer I could become, believing that somehow, someway, all my hard work would give me an extra advantage over my competitors … and clients would flock to my business.  

And, sure enough, it wasn’t long before I could design workout programs and get results with the best of them.  

But then, about 15 years ago, I made a discovery that blew my mind …  

A well-known trainer I admired — as close to a legend in the industry as this industry allows — actually earned much LESS each year than I did!  

Even more surprising: A “so-so” trainer — a guy nobody had ever heard of — actually made MORE money than me.

And not just a little more — almost twice as much!  

Those few days set my mind on fire with questions. 

How in the world does this mediocre trainer earn so much …  

… while a legend in the industry — one of the all time greats — makes so much less?  

The answer came as more than an epiphany — it became the paradigm shift of my lifetime!  

That single, shocking moment of clarity … 
  • Helped me grow a training business to 420 clients in a small town in Kentucky …
  • Inspired me to create the #1 personal training franchise in the U.S. according to Entrepreneur Magazine …  
  • Enlightened my path to designing and building over 116 fitness franchises, and …  
  • Enabled me to personally sell over 2 Million Dollars in training services.  
It’s also why I’m invited to write for Forbes; why I’m asked to speak at events like Club Industry and Perform Better; and it’s why I can confidently tell you that …
Learning Your Craft And Providing Great Value To Your Clients Is Essential…

But It’s Only HALF The Equation That Turns Good Trainers And Coaches
Into RICH Ones. 
The other half of the equation (the half the majority of trainers in our profession completely miss), is this … 
I’m talking about … 
  • The knowledge to craft a message that grabs attention and naturally draws prospects toward your business in ways your competition can’t imagine …
  • The skill to implement business systems your trainers will gladly follow — systems that liberate you from working in your business to working on your business …  
  • The ability to confidently walk into your office and close sale after sale, 90%, 95%, and even 100% of the time... 
  • The strategy in place to deliver the best customer experience in your city, and …  
  • The insight to objectively look at your business, find the money leaks, and plug those leaks so you can increase your annual income by an additional $100,000 in the next 12 months. 
It took me years to learn the half of this business most trainers miss. 

Then, when I started teaching it — trainers started getting rich.  

And that’s why I’d like to give you … 
In the process, I hold nothing back.

I give you every income-increasing strategy, tactic, and trade secret I’ve learned over my career. Secrets to help you …  
  • 1. Book yourself solid: My trade secrets for attracting clients year round — even during the summer slump months — who are willing to pay you what you’re worth.
  • 2. Get paid what your worth: People value you at the rate you appraise yourself. When you say you are worth $150 a month, your client values you are your own appraisal. Here’s how in increase your fees, and appraisal value.  
  • 3. Start making more money immediately: The secret? Just learn and implement one new strategy per week — I’ll provide you with dozens of them — and before you know it, you’ll start seeing an immediate cash surge.  
In short, I’ll give you my entire approach; every strategy, every tactic, every nuance — the entire business model I used to earn millions. 

We call it the Virtual Fitness Mastermind (VFM), and I’m going to give you all the details in just a moment.  

But before I do, let me emphasize right here and now that you will NOT need a lot of money to invest in this program.  

You’re not going to spend thousands of dollars coming to an event … and you’re not going to spend hundreds more in airline tickets and hotel bills, either.  

The truth is, you won’t sweat the expense, because you won’t even feel it.  

Your biggest question won’t be the monetary investment, trust me. The first time you put your eyes on VFM you’ll be wondering how I can offer Virtual Fitness Mastermind so inexpensively?  

I’ll tell you how later, but first, rest assured … 

Millionaires are being built in the fitness industry using VFM. Some of these names you’d recognize instantly. They’ve made their fortune using my systems — and now it’s your turn! 

Whether you’re new to personal training or a 15-year veteran of the industry, what you are about to discover can make you rich … if you have the courage to buckle down, roll up your sleeves, and follow through.  

That’s why VFM is intended only for the tremendously ambitious fitness professional. 

Welcome to … 
Every system contained in VFM is designed to do one thing: move the monetary needle in your favor.

Every time you effectively implement one of these strategies, you’ll make more money.  

Implement enough of them … and you’ll gain financial independence few people in life ever realize.  

Interested in finding out more? If so, get ready to take a deep dive into everything you get as a member of VFM. 

Once you’re inside the members area, the first thing you’ll notice is how organized the dashboard is. As you can see below, we’ve organized your tools into 5 major categories: Playbooks, Coaching, What’s Working Now, Connect, and Toolbox. 

You’ll gain instant access to:
  • 27 Playbooks, with many others planned and in development …
  • Unlimited Online Coaching via VFM Facebook group (and reduced costs on personal 1-on-1 coaching from me) …
  • 26 case studies and 34 behind the curtains episodes of What’s Working Now …
  • And over 151 ready to use tools inside the VFM toolbox.
Let’s walk you through a tour of everything you get in VFM Playbooks.
Sometimes, to get the business you want and the life you’ve always dreamed of, you need to go back to the drawing board. 

Does your business look a lot different from what you had hoped for when you first opened your doors?  

If so, you’re certainly not alone, and this Playbook has to power to change your life and turn your whole business around.  

Inside the Ideal Business Formula, I give you the tools to build or rebuild your business from the ground up.  
You’ll gain instant access to eight lessons covering: 
  • Personal Values
  • Business Ideals
  • My Purpose
  • Mission Statement
  • Our Perfect Clients 
  • Our Marketing Plan
  • Personal Objective
  • Business Objectives.  
You’ll begin by downloading our master document and then click on the blue dropdown bar to open your lesson for that objective.

The Ideal Business Formula Playbook is vital in gaining or regaining lost clarity, and building a business you can depend on. Best of all, you’ll have the solid foundation upon which to start earning an extra $100,000 this year.  
Many — way too many — fit pros start their business with a “build it and they will come,” field of dreams mentality. 

They assume they’ll figure it out as they go along, and somehow they manage to get the doors open without doing the basic work of setting up proper, internal business systems.  

Then, months, years, and sometimes even decades later (if they make it that long), they are still paying the price for that grievous error.  
Now, not everyone flies by the seat of their pants, of course, and if you’re one of the savvy owners who took the time to think things though before opening your business, congratulations! 

But … if I were you … there’s still no way I’d skip this session! Why? Because you’re smarter than that. 

You know as well as I do that the basics matter in ways most people can’t appreciate.  

When a business starts misfiring, it’s almost aways a return to the basics that fixes the problem.  

So, here’s your great opportunity to review, double check, and sharpen your thinking about your business.  

Inside this Playbook you’ll learn the critical steps to: 
  • Setting Up Your Business
  • Building Your Business Model
  • Choosing a Location
  • Generating Quality Leads
  • Converting Front End Offers
  • Core Programs
  • Back End Profits
  • Managing and Growing
The Sales Playbook is one of the most robust modules you’ll discover inside VFM.

There’s a reason for that — it’s going to make you a lot of money! By the time you’ve worked your way through this module, you’ll never suffer with a lack of confidence, or low closing rates again.  

You’ll discover how selling can be easy and more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.  

Not only that, you’ll feel great about the sales process because you’ll completely avoid sleazy, manipulative, hard-core selling forever. 
We provide you with everything you’ll ever need to make the sales process as seamless and natural as having a conversation over a drink at a bar.

As proof, take a look at the image to the right and you’ll see the first of 33 lessons contained in the Sales Playbook.

In this first lesson alone, you’ll find 9 ready-to-use sales scripts, and 5 ready-to-use sales tools.  

And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll find in the Sales Playbook. What follows is everything you’ll need to start closing 90%, 95%, or even 100% of your sales.  

Brace yourself, because here’s what you’ll find included in this Playbook:  
  • Fitness Sales Toolbox
  • Foundational Module 1: Solution Selling
  • Foundational Module 2: Your Sales Roadblock
  • 5 Step Sales Process: Phase 1 - Engagement
  • 5 Step Sales Process: Phase 2 - Discovery
  • 5 Step Sales Process: Phase 3 - Value Building
  • 5 Step Sales Process: Phase 4 - Solution
  • 5 Step Sales Process: Phase 5 - Optimization
  • Fast Action Offer
  • Getting an Affirmation
  • Referral Requests
  • Selling Through Short Term Programs
  • Pricing
  • Positioning
  • Addressing Objections
  • Upsells at Point of Sale  
  • Back End Sales
  • Maximizing Sales
  • Tracking - Sales Scoreboard 
  • Goal Setting - Two Rules  
  • Personal Trading Sales Presentation
  • Semi-Private Sales Presentation
  • Bootcamp or Group Training Sales Presentation
  • Team Training Sales Presentation
  • Back End Offer Sales Presentation
  • Fast Action Offer Sales Presentation
  • Referral Request Presentation
  • Role Playing Session 1
  • Role Playing Session 2
  • Role Playing Session 3
  • Role Playing Session 4
As you can see, the Sales Playbook is a virtual goldmine, and it leaves nothing to chance.

Now that you know how to sell your services, what should you charge for them? Let’s find out…  
Think about your membership fees for just a moment.

Are you lower than your competition, about the same, or maybe a bit more? 
Wherever you fall in the pricing spectrum, consider this. What if you could increase your average monthly ticket by only $30 more per month per member? 

Now just imagine this. Let’s say you have 140 active members right now, and if …   
… you have the courage to increase your across-the-board monthly fees by only $30, then …

… over the course of the next 12 months you’d instantly increase your annual income by — get this — $50,000 this year! 

It’s the secret of what I call, Price Elasticity, and in these two sessions, I tell you exactly how to do it. 
How often do you think about your client’s experience? 

If it’s been a while, I hope you’ll consider these truths: your client’s experiences aren’t just important — they’re vital to the profitability and longevity of your business.  

And everything — from retention, to referrals, to community culture inside your four walls — is riding on your ability to deliver an award-winning client experience.  
If it’s been awhile since you’ve reviewed your client experience methods and programs, then it’s past time for you to open the Client Experience Playbook and sharpen your saw.

Right here are nine sessions designed to create and deliver the best client training experiences possible.  

This should be required viewing for every member of your staff: facility manager, lead trainer, both full-time and part-time coaches, and even your administrative assistant.  

Inside you’ll find:   
  • Take Your Bootcamp Programming To The Next Level
  • The Experience
  • Breathing In Service
  • Large Group Training Webinar
  • Program Design
  • Anterior Core Programming
  • Orientations
  • Success Calls
  • Wow Experience
Possibly the single most valuable skill you can develop is the skill of copywriting.

Why do I say that? Because good copy is a reflection of good thinking, and good thinking controls everything in your life.  

From your personal relationships down to every cent you earn in your business, good thinking leads to powerful persuasion, and when you can persuade... 

…you can dominate your market.  
There are very few things in life that will rapidly advance your critical thinking and emotional persuasion skills like learning how to influence someone to take action on paper and online.

But there’s a problem.  

While learning this skill is certainly doable, it can also be a time consuming learning curve.
  • It takes time to learn how to craft a persuasive copy structure, pulling your buyer along a path from most to least resistant until they are ready to buy…
  • It takes clear thinking to create persuasive copy language, eliminating filler words which cause your prospect to vacate your sales message faster than Republicans leaving Trump…  
  • It takes thoughtful triggers (those emotional moments in your copy that presses the exact buttons your prospects need pressed), at the right time in your sales presentation…  
And none of these happen by accident, appear magically, or flow organically out of your fingertips onto the page. 

You have to learn the craft, and until you do, we’ve already done the hard work for you! That’s why you’re going to love the Copywriting Playbook.  

You don’t have to worry about crafting sales messages that convert —yet— because we’re handing you killer copy that’s already proven to convert.  

Here’s what’s waiting on you inside The Copywriting Playbook: 
  • Killer Copy That Converts Every Time
  • Sales Page Review
  • Autoresponders
  • Flyers
  • Greeting Cards & More
  • Opt-In E-Books (Lead Magnets)  
  • Reactivation Campaign
  • Sales Pages
  • Bonus #1: $2K-in-1-Day Seminar System
  • Bonus #2: Teachers Appreciation Bootcamp Blueprint  
It’s all done-for-you and ready to implement starting today! 
If I ask you, “How do you get referrals?” and your answer is “Poorly,” “Slowly,” or “Non-existent,” then your next income leap is waiting on you inside the Referral Playbook. 

To demonstrate, let’s play a little “what if” game.  

For the purposes of this demonstration, let’s assume that last year, your business only generated 10 referrals.  
How much more profitable would your business be if you were able to increase that to 30 referrals a year?
Let’s find out. Assuming an average of $150 per month membership, that makes each member worth $1,800 a year. Right? 

Given 10 referrals over the last year means you generated 18,000 in revenue.  

Not bad … but what if …  
  • You started getting 30 instead of 10? You’d generate $54,000 — a $36,000 net gain. That’s a significant difference!
  • But what if, instead of 30 referrals, you got 50? Suddenly, you’d have a $90,000 windfall!  
  • Let’s not stop; what if you could get 75 referrals over the course of a year? Buckle your seat belt, because you’d be generating $135,000 extra income!  
  • Wanna shoot for the moon? Great! Let’s go for 100 referrals in a year — this year! That’s an astonishing $180,000 in EXTRA income that not only changes your business, it changes your life! 
And that, my fellow fit pro, is how you retire rich. 

Inside the Referral Playbook you’ll find 16 lessons revealing how to turn your fitness business into a referral culture

We accomplish this by cycling and recycling different referral programs into your business throughout the year … and you’ll get instant access to all of them as soon as you become a member of VFM. 

You get:
  • Introduction
  • Viral Email Marketing
  • Gift Card Referrals 
  • Post Card Referrals  
  • Personal Letters
  • Personal Request
  • Contests
  • Bring a Friend
  • Charity Events
  • $100 Club
  • Testimonies
  • Social Media
  • Getting the Introduction
  • Asking for Advice
  • Take Action
  • Done-for-You Resources
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, no one has to tell you Facebook has the power and potential to bring you all the paid clients you can ever hope for.

But there’s a problem. Multiple problems, in fact.  

Facebook is no longer the new kid on the block, and they’ve become a behemoth, a giant, a virtual HULK in online advertising.

And with that kind of growth comes changes, confusion, and cuss words for most fitness owners! It’s easy to understand why. 
With literally thousands of changes taking place every year to the Facebook algorithm, mobile feed, video, and umpteen other platforms … it’s not uncommon to see three, four, even 5 or more changes taking place every single day!

That’s why you need the Facebook Ads Playbook.  

It’s going to teach you how to reverse engineer your ad campaigns to stay on top of Facebook’s “good guy” list.  

We’re going to show you how to keep your ad campaigns out of trouble, and your business profitable, with minimal fuss. 

So, whether you’re a veteran of Facebook (in which case we’ll sharpen your marketing saw), or just getting started (in which case you couldn’t be in a better place), we’ll teach you everything you need to know to say current.  

Inside the Facebook Ads Playbook you’ll find:   
  • Introduction
  • Targeting & Audience Insights
  • Picking the Right Objective
  • Boot Post
  • Ads Manager Overview
  • Ads That Work
  • Setting Up Your Pixel
  • Website conversions
  • Custom Audiences
  • Metric-tweaking-Tracking
Once you’ve worked your way though Facebook Ads Playbook, you’ll realize this isn’t as hard as you thought! 

In fact, you’ll probably come to view it as a sort of video game, where you are pitted against other fit pros doing battle in a multiple billion dollar industry.  

The good news is, this game can be won, and with the Facebook Ads Playbook, you can win it! 
Facebook ads are one thing, but having your social media strategy nailed down may be the most vital and important aspect to running a successful online business. 

In the Facebook Social Playbook, we’re going to hand you six modules, each covering a different topic to ensure you have the perfect foundation and strategy moving forward.  

Here’s what you get:  
  • Facebook for Fitness Pros: Lesson 1 — Building a Great FB Foundation
  • Facebook for Fitness Pros: Lesson 2 — Content that Works
  • Facebook for Fitness Pros: Lesson 3 — Using Multimedia on FB
  • Facebook for Fitness Pros: Lesson 4 — Growing Your FB Audience
  • Facebook for Fitness Pros: Lesson 5 — Facebook Contests and Promotions
  • Facebook for Fitness Pros: Lesson 6 — Facebook Strategy and Measurement
In the digital world nowadays, it’s easy to be enticed into believing that cyberspace is where all the money is truly being made. 

But the truth is, before the internet existed, and certainly before Google Adwords and Facebook were ever even thought of, umpteen billions of dollars were generated the good old fashioned way … offline.  

So, come close and listen up. If you do offline marketing right, you can still beat the pants off your competition who use online lead generation!  

That’s because it’s more about the message than the media. It’s more about relationships than it is about digital.  
And it’s more about reaching out and actually touching someone than it is about a slogan of a similar vein. 

That’s why going offline can transform your business in ways you probably can’t appreciate on this side of it.  

But as soon as you tap into the wellspring of life found in these modules, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this kind of marketing all along.  

Buried inside the Offline Marketing Playbook, you’ll unearth:  
  • Developing Your Marketing Plan — Part 1&2
  • Business of the Month
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Door Hangers
  • Fundraising
  • Gift Cards
  • Greeting Cards
  • Health Fairs and Events
  • Lead Boxes
  • School of the Month
  • Deal of the Day
  • Joint Ventures
  • Local Expert
  • Power Networking
  • Press Releases
Let’s talk about the most valuable resource you have in your arsenal as a fitness professional and business owner.

It’s your untapped gold mine; it’s your buried treasure chest; it’s your future fortune … and just waiting on you to unearth it. 

That’s because your network serves as your primary conduit to an incredible, successful business. 

Leaving this module unopened is the equivalent of knowing the cure for cancer, but being unwilling to take your medicine.  
Don’t let the unsexiness of the word — networking — keep you from your next income leap. And don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from reaping a fortune. 

Instead, show yourself brave. Be courageous and do this relationalship work without fear.  

Be willing — no, scratch that — be determined to roll up your sleeves and dig deep into your contact list. These are the very people who love you the most, respect you more than you know, and are willing to support you more than you realize.  

When you do, you’ll surprise yourself!  

Inside the Power Networking Playbook:   
  • Networking
  • Connecting with Your Ideal Prospects
  • Making Connections Easy
  • Making Sure the Right People Know About You
  • Asking for Advice
Think about it: If you want to reach out to a specific niche, say baseball players for example, could you generate more athletes though an existing relationship?

If not, then the only choice you have left is also the most expensive: advertising.   

So, why not have a much more focused approach to this process?  

Why not get your hands on the Joint Venture Playbook, watch the video modules, and discover how you can get your ideal clients in the best possible way: Though relationships!  
Inside this pithy module, you’ll find two informative and profit-generating videos: 
  • Creating a Joint Venture
  • Client Blitz Joint Ventures
There’s no getting around it. Transformation Challenges are all the rage in the fitness industry right now. 

That’s because prospects love them, and business owners can generate more leads faster than almost any other tactic they use.  

Which means Transformation Challenges can become the primary source of new, long-term clients … if you do them right.  
And that’s why it’s vital you do them right. If you’ve never run a Transformation Challenge before, your timing couldn’t be better.
If you've run Transformation Challenges in the past, but have been disappointed in the results, your timing couldn’t be better. And if you’re a master of Transformation Challenges, and feel like you are hitting on all cylinders … well, your timing couldn’t be better, either. 

Why? Because I guarantee what you are about to learn in this module is going to offer you new insights you probably haven’t considered before. And if you don’t know these secrets, then you’re leaving thousands of dollars in profits on the table. 

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you, and let’s make sure you are maximizing your profits!  

Inside the Transformation Challenge Playbook you’ll learn everything you need to know about:   
  • Getting Started
  • Marketing
  • Orientation
  • Challenge Docs
  • Meal Plans
  • Grocery Lists
  • Workouts
  • Fat Loss Workshop
  • Finale Party
  • Challenge Logos
If you’ve been around the fitness industry for more than a week, you’ve probably heard the term, “funnel,” or “sales funnel.”

You get a sense that funnels are an important component to being online, and they can, somehow, benefit your business.  

But it all seems a bit mysterious, somewhat ethereal, and confusing, even.  

That’s where the Funnel Playbook is a godsend, because starting from the most basic element, we walk you step-by-step through the funnel process.  
We leave nothing to out, either. In only three short videos, you’ll gain advanced knowledge and understanding in: 
  • Funnel Overview
  • Lead Magnet Funnel Creation
  • Sales Funnel Creation 
Some people fear public speaking more than death. 

But not you — not after watching the Public Speaking Playbook video! That’s because public speaking could be the ticket to financial freedom.  

I’m not overstating or over promising when I tell you that public speaking is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.  

In fact, if you’ve got the courage to follow though, public speaking could become your top marketing strategy. 

Here’s why:
  • Almost nothing is more cost effective …
  • It provides a high leverage opportunity …
  • Public speaking is one of the easiest ways to build rapport …
  • It showcases you as the expert in your field, and …
  • It’s a real-time, big sales presentation, like Steve Jobs from Apple on stage.
Much like public speaking, sending out Press Releases is a free and powerful way to become a local expert in your area.

This is my favorite way to get the word out, because you can send unlimited press releases. And when a newspaper, radio or TV station picks up your story, it’s an implied media endorsement.  

Plus, unlike public speaking, where your audience is all in a single room, press releases allow you to reach a much larger audience base.

Just look at all the benefits the Publicity Playbook offers:  
  • Free — your only cost is time
  • Implied media endorsement leading to instant credibility
  • People read stories, not advertisements
  • One properly written news release can lead to more exposure
  • Copies of your story or interview recordings can be posed in your autoresponder, ore used in your marketing tools
  • It’s the fastest reputation builder
Do you own a business that’s creating financial independence for your future, or do you simply own a job that keeps you so busy you can’t make any real money? 

Either way — making lots of money, or praying hard to just make payroll — you need to set aside some dedicated time to go through the Business Optimization Playbook.  

This is an information-packed module sure to improve an already good business or completely transform a struggling one. 

Right here, at your finger tips, are invaluable lessons on:   
  • Running a Fitness Business
  • Fitness Business Optimization
  • Lessons from InfusionCon
  • Core Values
  • The Goose & The Golden Egg
  • Creating Your System
  • Managing Your Clients and Leads
  • Tracking Your Numbers
  • Enhancing Client Value
  • Killer Camper Customer Service
  • Fitness Business Dashboard
Think about it: who’s the person most likely support your business? Isn’t it the person who has already done business with you in the past? Of course it is. 

And unless a past client left your business because of hurt feelings of some kind, i.e. they didn’t feel welcome, they don’t believe you care, etc., then every person on your inactive list needs an invitation to rejoin you.  

But how you go about it is critical, because there’s a right and wrong way of doing this. That’s where the Reactivation Playbook comes to the rescue.  
Attempting to do this on your own can result in disappointment and disillusionment, because the message, the media, and the structure you use can make or break your campaign. 

The difference between a properly structured reactivation campaign and one that’s just thrown together is the difference between windfall profits and a failed campaign.  

So, let’s make sure you do it right! Inside the Reactivation Playbook, you’ll discover:
  • Reactivation Campaign 1
  • Reactivation Campaign 2
  • Reactivation Campaign 3
Tough question: Who do you claim you are in your market? Tougher question: Who does your prospects say you are in your market? Toughest question: What is your true value position in the your market?

If you don’t have crystal clear answers to the above questions, then you need to prioritize The Positioning Playbook as one of the modules you dig into after becoming a member of VFM. 

Why? Because clarity is king in business! Confused people don’t buy … and they certainly don’t buy from confused businesses. 
Let this truth sink in: if you don’t know what your position is in the market, then neither do your current members. And if your members can’t tell others how you are different, then everything suffers … from referrals to net profit.

Finally, if you don’t know where you stand in regard to positioning in your market, then your setting yourself up for at least two big problems: 

1) Your competition may have a better, more clearly defined positioning statement than you, meaning their members have more confidence in referring, and can better communicate the benefits of your competitor’s gym. 

2) Your competition can charge more, or at least justify why they are better than you at the same price.   

If you positioning in the market is weak, then sooner or later you’ll eventually become desperate in both your communications and in pricing. Why not head this off at the pass while there is still time?

Get your hands on the Positioning Playbook and here’s the tools you’ll get: 
  • Making Sure the Right People Know About You
  • Power of a Name
  • Positioning
  • Who Do You Serve
  • Differentiation
  • Survey
Are you to too busy to make any real money? 

If you find yourself too busy to pay attention, then you really, really need to get off the Helter-skelter rollercoaster and get a better grip on your time.  

Actually, that’s not true — and that’s lesson #1 in the Time Management Playbook. What you can’t do is manage time. There’s no such thing as time management.

Think about it. You can’t manage time anymore than you can manage the waves of the ocean, or the wind coming out of the northeast.  
You don’t manage time; you manage energy … your energy. You don’t manage time; you manage activity … and that means you need to get clear on which activities are most important. You don’t manage time; you manage what you can control … and you can control a lot more than you are right now.

The secret is getting clear on what matters most. And that’s why you need to get your hands on the Productivity & Mindset Playbook.  

Inside this insightful module you’ll find:   
  • Time Management
  • Time Management 2
  • Stop Chasing Rabbits
  • The 12-Week Year
  • Email Management
  • 8 Weeks Off
  • Smarter
  • Incremental Progress
  • Power of an Hour
  • Handling Adversity
  • You Get Paid for Done
  • Peak Productivity
If you have any desire to provide online coaching services, you can’t afford to ignore this module. 

And if you don’t — even if you have NO desire to have an online coaching program — you SHOULD still set aside the time to go through this course. 

That’s because if you have the skills to generate leads for an online coaching program, you have the skills to generate leads for your brick and mortar business.  

Plus, it will open your eyes to opportunities you are not taking advantage of, and that means you’re leaving money — potentially BIG money — on the table.  
The Online Coaching Playbook pulls back the curtain of how I’ve provided online coaching since 2005!

Here’s what’s waiting on you inside:   
  • Online Coaching Business Overview
  • Online Coaching Overview Document
  • Coaching Call Information Documents
  • Monthly Results Report Document
  • Potential Client Follow Up Document  
If you are a seasoned veteran of the fitness industry and are considering other ways to make more profit, then you’ll want to immediately work your way through the Facility Playbook. 

Inside, I’ll walk you through the processes of semi-private vs small group training vs large group vs 1-on-1, the benefits of each, and which one I feel has the most potential to take your business to the next level.  

I’ll also talk about common pricing for each, and how to build your membership base. I’ll discuss short term, front end offers, as well as leveraging time slots and how to make time for everything. 
And all that’s just the beginning!
  • Building Your Business Model
  • Setting Up Your Business
  • Choosing A Location
  • Generating Quality Location
  • Generating Quality Leads
  • Converting With Front End Offers
  • Core Programs
  • Back End Profits
  • Managing And Growing
If finding a good admin is a challenge, and if knowing where to find your next great coach seems like a roll of the dice, then you’re going to love the Human Resources Playbook. 

In this module, Justin not only gives you direct links to his hiring pages, but he also walks you step-by-step through the ads he’s created.  

There’s a specific ad for when you’re seeking an administrative assistant, and a different ad when you’re seeking personal trainers and coaches.  
You’ll no longer struggle with finding the right help at the right time, because these done-for-your templates will take care of all the heavy lifting.
Inside you get:
  • Hiring An Admin
  • Hiring A Coach
Envision this scenario. Over the next 12 months, you increase the profitability of your business by 33% … without adding a single new client. 

Theory? Nope, and here’s the nuts and bolts, practical steps you can use to make it happen easier than you imagine. How to do it is waiting on you inside the Profit Center Playbook.  

Here’s the money making curriculum:   
  • Maximizing Client Value
  • Abs Arms Ass Bootcamp
  • Teachers Bootcamp
  • Supplement Sales
  • Back End Sales
  • A New Path To Profit
If you’ve never run a Teachers Appreciation Program, this may be the most surprising module in all of VFM for you.

That’s because, when you do this right, not only will you get an instant and significant cash surge into your business during the most difficult time of year — the summer months — but you’ll also get long term clients year round.  

And marketing to teachers is the easiest, most tightly niched target market you could ever hope for. Don’t dare miss out on this opportunity! 
Right here in this module you’ll get:  
  • Teacher Appreciation Intro
  • Teacher Appreciation Step 1
  • Teacher Appreciation Step 2
  • Teacher Appreciation Step 3
  • Teacher Appreciation Bootcamp Flyer
  • Teacher Appreciation Email Broadcast
  • Teacher Appreciation Program Facebook Ad Sample
  • Teacher Appreciation Program Flyer Script
  • Teacher Appreciation Program Follow-Up Email Referral Request
  • Teacher Appreciation Program Sample Guide
  • Teacher Appreciation Program Sample Sales Page
  • Teacher Appreciation Program Sample Sales Page HTML
The Semi-Private Training Playbook is designed to do one thing and one thing only — help you run the most profitable personal training business in your area.

It all begins with a bonus: The Smart Group Training Manifesto. And it only gets better from there.  

In this information-packed module, we’re going to hand you decades of wisdom delivered on a silver platter.  

You get everything you need including:   
  • Introduction
  • Positioning
  • You’re Marketing Foundation
  • Pricing
  • Sales Success
  • Building Rapport
  • Closing Sales
  • Selling to Current Group Clients
  • Developing Relationships
  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Joint Ventures
  • Social Media
  • Community Pillar
  • Building Your Team
  • Optimal Schedule
  • Business Course Materials
  • PT Amplified Webinar 
  • Smart Group Training Personal Training Session  
  • Smart Group Training Interview
  • Done-for-You Workout Personal Training Templates 
The Info Marketing Playbook is easily one of the most detailed, robust, and information packed modules in VFM. 

There’s a good reason for that: Information marketing is critical — CRITICAL — to your lead generation success!  

The more valuable the information you provide, the better your chances at disrupting the local fitness market you operate in and dominating your niche.  

Buckle your seatbelt, because here’s everything you get:   
  • 3 Ways To Increase Revenue
  • How To Create Google Analytics Account
  • How to Create Custom FB Page
  • Fitness Product Blueprint Intro
  • List Building And Opt Ins
  • List Building Content Offer
  • Speaking To Your List
  • Creating your Platform
  • Launching Your Product
  • Sign Up for Advertising On Bing And Yahoo
  • Sign Up For Google AdWords
  • Intro To Affiliate Selling
  • Traffic Generation
  • Google Ads Traffic
  • Buying Your Domain
  • Install WordPress
  • WordPress Settings
  • WordPress Posts
  • 7 Steps Before Copy
  • Who’s Your Customer
  • Back End Offers
  • Creating Your Product
  • Laying The Foundation
  • Market Research
  • Offline Client Survey
  • Writing A Sales Letter
  • What’s working Now For Opt Ins 
I don’t have to tell you that nutrition is 80% of the success equation for your members. Nor do I need to tell you that if your clients aren’t getting results, it’s costing you a fortune. 

So, if you have coaches or trainers lagging behind in nutrition education, and if they’re struggling to communicate helpful advice to your clients … 

Or … 

If you have members who are not getting results due to bad or confusing information …  
Then …

This module will be worth every dime you invest in VFM, and more!  

This lesson contains:
  • What Is A Healthy Diet
  • Fundamentals Of Nutrition
  • Cleaning Our Your Kitchen Parts 1&2
  • The Power Of Protein
  • Carbs, What-When-Who-How-Why   
  • All About Dietary Fat Parts 1&2
  • Healthy Food, Healthy Bodies
  • Sports Nutrition
  • The Truth About Weight Loss
  • Maintaining A Healthy Weight For Life
Another one of the great things about VFM is that we have a constant growing library of Playbook’s in the works. 

Take, for example, the upcoming Income Optimization Playbook. It’s designed to help you keep more of your hard earned money. After all, it’s not what you make; it’s what you keep.  

You’ll discover how to maximize your personal income, so stay tuned. 

There you have it, 27 fortune-making Playbooks, and growing with many more in the pipeline! 

And if I stopped right there, you possess more than enough power to transform your business in mighty ways that change your life!

But let’s move on and find out what’s waiting on us in the other four tabs. 
Inside the VFM Coaching section, you’ll discover why none of us are as smart as all of us … and why we provide you with unlimited online coaching though the VFM Connect Facebook Page. 

And as a VFM member, you’ll also get special pricing on more personal, private coaching options at discounts no one else gets.  

Once you are inside, you can explore all the coaching options available to you.  
There are fitness Facebook groups galore, and as I suggested earlier, that’s part of the distraction problem trainers have.  But there is no fit pro Facebook group like Virtual Fitness Mastermind.  

Picture the biggest names in the industry. Envision the movers and shakers everyone envies.  

And then imagine the likes of Eric Ruth, Rick Streb, Fred Zoller, Randy Hartz, Greg Justice … and 749 (and counting) other Masters of The Universe all gathered together in one, concentrated place, ready and willing to help you. 
A place where rubbing elbows and getting advice from experts is not only fast and easy, it’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 

So, prepare to influence and be influenced by the modern greats of our industry.
It’s environments like these where lives can change, virtually overnight, with just a little help.  
Here it is; the biggest, most organized, one stop shop for all the done-for-you tools you’ll ever need to run your business. 

And if I’m wrong, simply tell me what we’re missing, and I’ll put a fire under my team and we’ll get it built out.  

You’ll never need to go anywhere else to get all your fitness business needs met.  

What you are about to see is just a portion of — get this — over 151 done for you tools! Tools you don’t have to go out and buy, or worse, create yourself 
Let’s start off with our Business Management Tools. In this section alone are 24 tools just waiting on you to implement in your business.
But that hardly scratches the surface! Here are 18 Email Marketing Tools that remove weeks, or months of hard work from your shoulders. 

Some of these emails are multi-step, like the Cash Infusion Email series, which has three emails in the sequence.  
Next up we have 13 Sales Tools, all ready to download as you amp up your sales processes.

Your business lives and dies by sales. It is — bar none — the single most important part of your business. Anyone who thinks differently has yet to suffer the pangs of hoping to make payroll.  

Without sales, a business withers and dies on the vine. But when sales are robust, and profit margins are healthy, you’ll never again convince an experienced fit pro that sales are unimportant.  

That’s because nothing good happens until there’s a sale. You can’t change lives without sales, and you can’t provide growth opportunities for your employees without them, either. That’s why these Sales Tools will prove to be invaluable. 
There’s no relationship like a personal relationship, and that’s why you need to immediately download these 12 Referral Tools.

It should be your supreme goal to provide your members with every possible, good reason to send you a new customer.

Because leads coming from referrals are the hottest leads imaginable. They join at rates higher than any other method, and their life time value is the greatest in your business.  

And because tools play a vital part in getting referrals, you should download these tools today! 
Think about this for a moment. What is your GREATEST asset?

If you’re thinking it’s your business brand or physical location, I’d challenge you to think again. If you believe it’s your facility design and the state of the art equipment, I hope you are open to debate.  

And if you believe your greatest asset is your superior training knowledge and education, well, you’re in need of a different perspective.  

That’s because your greatest asset is not a building, not your equipment, not your processes, or even your clients. 

Your greatest asset is your staff. That’s because they drive every metric — EVERY METRIC — in your business.  

Let that sink in, because every monetary goal you have for your business, and your life, are dependent on having the right people on your team.  

And that’s why you need these nine Staffing Tools at your disposal. From job descriptions to interview questions, and even an operations manual … these neatly organized tools are just waiting on you to download and put to use. 
We’ve already talked about how a properly run Teacher’s Appreciation Program can forever change how you plan for the summer slump.

But here’s something we didn’t talk about. If you do this right, you can take over teacher’s market, and that includes the school admin staff. Think about that and you’ll see how you are inching your way closer and closer to the Principal and Vice Principal. 

Win just one Principle and you’ll have a gateway to every school in your district.  

Every High School, Junior High School and Grammar School … every teacher, assistant teacher, coach … and even parents attending PTA meetings!  

Are you starting to see the incredible, money-making power of a properly constructed Teacher’s Appreciation Program?  

Here are the eight tools you’ll be using to set your community on fire.  
Internships are one of the smartest ways to get extra help at minimal cost, and to start grooming new team members. 

Done the right way, you’ll develop the staff who’ll liberate you from the trenches so that you can finally work on your business instead of in your business.  

That’s why you need these six Internship Tools. From setting Intern Expectations, to a Reading List for Interns, you’ll have everything you need to create the team you need.  
Providing your clients with useful tools is not only critical for both accountability and results, but it just makes your life easier! 

Here are the four of the most useful Client Tools You’ll ever need.  
Once you’ve opened your doors, the two most expensive things you’ll experience in your business, other than payroll, is spending money to find a new client (advertising), and losing a client (attrition).

Trust me. You need all the help you can get, and the best tools you can find, to keep clients hanging around longer. That’s why you need these three Retention Tools.  
No set of fitness tools would be complete without Program Design Tools. 

And these Semi-Private Training Templates are one of the best design tools you’ll find anywhere. Plus they take a boatload of work off your shoulders.  

So, if you have the courage to earn an extra $100,000 this year, then within 60-seconds of joining Virtual Fitness Mastermind you get access to it all … 
The Ever Expanding Collection of Playbook’s Library: Currently there are 27 different playbooks, with others in the works. You'll get access to all of them — instantly — and you can start putting them to use to generate more clients as quickly as you absorb the material. Just one of these playbooks alone will reap you a small fortune and more than pay for access to VFM. But stack Playbook upon Playbook, and you’ll transform your business and life!
  • Ideal Business Formula
  • Business Start Up
  • Sales
  • Pricing
  • Client Experience
  • Copywriting
  • Referral
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Social
  • Offline Marketing
  • Power Networking
  • Joint Venture
  • Transformation Challenge
  • Funnel  
  • Public Speaking
  • Publicity
  • Business Optimization
  • Reactivation
  • Positioning
  • Productivity & Mindset
  • Online Coaching
  • Facility Human Resources
  • Profit Center
  • Teacher’s Appreciation
  • Semi-Private Training
  • Info-Marketing
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Coming Soon: Income Optimization 
Unlimited Access To VFM Coaching: None of us are as smart as all of us, and you’ll gain unlimited access to online coaching straight from the VFM Connect Facebook Page. You’ll also get special discounts nobody gets on more private, 1-on-1 coaching.
VFM Connect: There is no fit pro Facebook group like Virtual Fitness Mastermind. The biggest, legendary names in the industry, like Eric Ruth, Rick Streb, Fred Zoller, Randy Hartz, Greg Justice … and 749 other top notch fitness experts are all gathered together in one, concentrated place, ready and willing to help you. It’s a place where rubbing elbows and getting advice from experts is not only fast and easy, it’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 

VFM Toolbox: With over 151 ready to use tools, we’re saving you countless hours in creating them yourself … or desperately hunting them down on a Facebook group. Here in the VFM Toolbox, you’ll gain access to the same tools I use to build my business. They’re the same tools some of the biggest names (and the most wealthy), use to build their empires. They’re the same tools you’ll use on your way to an additional $100,000 this year, and they are just waiting on you to download! 
So by now, no doubt, you’re wondering what it costs to become a member of The Virtual Fitness Mastermind. 

Well, I’m going to tell you, but before I do, let me ask you a question.  
Would you be willing to invest $5,000 to make $100,000? Because you’re savvy like that, I know you would! 

But remember when I told you earlier that you were NOT going to need a to of money to invest in this program?  

Do you recall when I promised you'd not spend thousands of dollars coming to an event, and you wouldn’t spend hundreds more on airline tickets, either?  

Finally, do you remember when I told you that you wouldn’t sweat the expense at all, because you won’t even feel it?  

I meant it. I meant all of it. And I promise you’ll be delighted with your investment.  

You see, what I want more than anything is your success, and I’m committed to it. 

Then, when VFM changes your life, I’m confident we’ll be doing business on another, deeper level.  

So, what’s the price?  
That’s it. That’s all. $1 for 90 days access, and then $49 per month...but there is a catch.

The invitation to join Virtual Fitness Mastermind isn’t for deadbeats, those easily distracted, or individuals suffering with “change-my-mind-itis.”   

It’s designed for the tremendously ambitious fitness professional who has the courage reach for an extra $100,000 extra this year … and change their life! 
Click Here To Get Instant Access
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Dedicated to Your Success,  
Pat Rigsby
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P.S. Remember, this is an invitation going out to fit pros, yourself included, who I believe have the courage to make an additional $100,000 this year.  

If that’s you — and I believe it is — then click here to agree to a $1 trial and then only $49 a month.  
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