When I coached baseball I had a playbook.  

136 pages of everything that encompassed what we did as a program.  

It addressed everything from base running and batting to dress code and class attendance.

One of the components of this playbook was our Championship Plan.  

This plan basically identified a handful of things that we needed to do to compete at a championship level.  

These things might be general philosophical statements like compete every pitch of every at bat or more easily measured things like average 1 run per offensive inning.

What was great about this Championship Plan was that it put everyone on the same page.  Everyone knew what we needed to do as a team to be successful.  

Everyone could speak the same language.  

It allowed first year players or new coaches to instantly know what our priorities were each and every day.

So after giving some though to how valuable this Championship Plan was to us, I thought it would be good to give you a Training Business Success Plan of your own.  

So here is that plan, with a couple of caveats first: this should be adapted to your situation.  Everyone has different assets, different strength and different needs.  

This is your starting point.  

Second: these are the big rocks.

It doesn’t cover everything that goes into building a great business.  

Remember I said my Championship Plan was 1 page of a 136 playbook.  Its like a success cheat sheet.

With that in mind, heres your plan:

Be The Best Coach In Your Market – It;s like playing great defense in a sport if you do this better than everyone else, you’ll always enjoy a significant amount of success.  

So continually get better at every aspect of your craft.  

Program design, assessment, communication – all of it.  

And remember, coaching your staff is just as important as coaching your clients.  

Focus on making them the best they can be.

Employ At Least 3 Marketing Strategies – At any given time you need to have a minimum of 3 marketing strategies in play.

Get 30 New Leads Per Month – If you generate 30 new leads each month, it means that you’re doing enough from a marketing standpoint to be successful with your chosen strategies.

Get 15 New People To Experience What You Do Per Month – Whether it’s a Challenge, a Bring A Friend event or your Evergreen Initial Offer, you need to be getting at least 15 people to experience what you have to offer every month.

This means half of your leads are actually being converted to trials a good reflection on that component of your conversion system.

Get 10 New Clients Per Month – 10 new paying clients (post-trial) in your programs is a good baseline if you’re trying to build a successful business.  

This means that you should be converting a minimum of 2/3 of those who experience what you offer to ongoing clients.

Less Than 5% Attrition Per Month – If more than 1 out of 20 of your clients are leaving each month, then you should place a greater focus on retention, quality of service and experience.

Be In The Moment – Whether its coaching, marketing, or simply chatting with clients as a fitness entrepreneur you need to be on at all times.  

You never know when one mediocre session might be the difference between a raving fan or someone who is ready to start looking for another trainer not to mention, as the owner you’re leading by example.

Personally Connect With Every Client Every Month Outside of the normal training dialogue, be sure to connect with each client through a personal email, call or visit each month.  

This is more critical when you train in large group settings but important no matter what type of business you run.

Get Better Every Day – In a competitive market you have the choice to either separate yourself from the competition or let them catch and pass you.  

Committing to daily improvement helps ensure that you are always the leader in that competition.

There is your simple Training Business Plan.  

It’s a mix of numbers you need to hit and the philosophies that need to permeate throughout your business.

Adapt it to your own situation and put it into action and get ready see your business improve.

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