Decades ago Napoleon Hill interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs.

His works like Think & Grow Rich are legendary – and his influence has been felt by millions.

But one of his most important findings, in my opinion, was that of all the successful people he interviewed, there was only one common personality trait shared by all.

The single trait that so many successful people had in common wasn’t superior intelligence.

Sure many were quite smart…but others had only ordinary intellect.

It wasn’t an extroverted personality.

It wasn’t a particular type of scholastic background or being born into money.

The one trait that all the successful entrepreneurs Napoleon Hill shared was decisiveness.

They all were willing to make decisions and take the responsibility that came with them.

This finding isn’t unique.

One of the two most important business books I’ve ever read is titled ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’…again, implying that you need to decide. You need to act.

See – we all know that you have to take action to succeed…but action is preceded by a decision. And most people are content to sit on the fence and not make decisions…important decisions that can dramatically improve their businesses and even their lives.

We fear making a decision. We fear that by deciding to take one path we will miss out on what’s down the other.

We fear that by deciding to do something new we might fail.

But make no mistake…every day your future is being decided for you…either by you or by someone else.

And let me tell you a little secret about making decisions…

…sometimes you’ll be wrong. Sometimes you’ll have a bit of regret.

And that’s ok…because no one gets it right 100% of the time.

I’ve been in leadership roles for over 23 years, making dozens of decisions daily…from who to recruit or when to change pitchers as a coach (I still screw that one up all the time) to what to write about or even something big like launching a few years ago.

And I’ve gotten a bunch of those decisions wrong.

But when it came to the big decisions…my only regret was not making them a little sooner.

See – success belongs to the bold.

Those who are willing to lead. Those who are willing to take action.

Those who are willing to decide.

Rarely does someone who constantly procrastinates or simply waits to be told what to do make it big.

So if you want to build your Ideal Business…decide.

If you want to finally create a virtual 2nd location…decide.

I don’t mean simply saying it’s going to happen someday.

Decide that today is the day that you begin.

That’s how all big achievements begin. Are you ready for yours?

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