Secret to Achievement

Secret to Achievement

I’ve spent more than my share of time around both people who struggled to achieve much success in life and people who enjoyed one success after another.

I grew up in a small, poverty stricken town that fell on hard times after the local steel mill closed (at one time the town actually had an NFL team…) and thousands of jobs disappeared.

I also have worked with probably more fitness professionals personally than anyone on the planet when it comes to growing a business.

And I’ve enjoyed spending time around hundreds of millionaires and top achievers from dozens of different fields.

So the diversity of people I’ve spent my time around is vast…and I think the difference in achievement from the ordinary to the extraordinary largely centers around one thing:

The way someone thinks.

Not how intelligent they are or how talented.

One of the smartest guys I knew (and my freshman roommate in college) later died from an overdose…and while he was an extreme case, I know plenty of broke ‘geniuses’.

I’ve seen literally hundreds of talented people struggle to achieve much of anything.

No – I’m talking about how you think about achievement.

That you think that not only is success possible…but that you’ve got what it takes to achieve it, you deserve it and that you’re going to make it happen.

That you think bigger than the average person.

When most people are thinking that ‘the normal’ they see around them is their ceiling – you’re thinking that you’re capable of so much more.

When others blame the economy or circumstances – you know that you control your own economy.

You simply have to decide what you want, believe you deserve it and put yourself in a situation to make it your reality.

It’s really that simple.

So think big…but be specific. If you want to draw your map, you need a precise destination.

Then do what you need to do to feel you deserve success. For me the two things that helped me think that way were who I spent my time around and what I studied.

Then put yourself in a position to achieve it.  That’s the willingness to take strategic action.

I hope you really embrace what I’ve just shared…it can be the platform that your success is built on if you do.

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