My business model is pretty simple, but then again – that’s what I really want it to be.

I got to start from scratch and have built something of a unique model, but when I talk with fitness entrepreneurs, they seem to want to have their own version of it – so I thought I’d share:

Who I Work With: Fitness Entrepreneurs. Well – in two words, that’s it.  Really, fitness, wellness and sports entrepreneurs  and high level professionals is a more descriptive answer.

What They Want: To build their Ideal Business – basically a business that allows them to achieve all their personal and professional goals.

How I Help: At the foundational I provide a lot of free education and resources.  Here are some examples:

Fitness Referral Formula – this is the ultimate guide to relationship marketing. You get 14 different referral systems and the tools to execute them.

4 Day Email Campaign – I put together a campaign that you can use to get your leads to come in for a Success Session.

Sports Camp Gameplan – I put together an 8 week plan for you to launch a successful camp or clinic – complete with a press release template, web page template and email template.

Instant Income Email Campaign – Here’s a three day email promo to generate enrollment in any of your programs.

Relationship Marketing Greeting Card Templates – 9 different templates you can use to build relationships and grow your business through the use of greeting cards.

Through that sort of material and my newsletter that goes out 5-6 days per week, I work to build relationships and help that group of entrepreneurs move toward their goals.

Then, hopefully, they feel that the things I’m providing to them deliver enough value that they want to join my core program – Virtual Fitness Mastermind.

In Virtual Fitness Mastermind I, along with Justin Yule, share over 20 different business building Playbooks and over 150 Ready-To-Use Tools to help fitness professionals build their Ideal Business and we provide a private community where our members connect with one another and we provide online coaching and support.  My goal for this program is simple – I want it to deliver more value than any franchise, license or coaching program available to fitness entrepreneurs – and do it for less that 1/10 the investment.

I also offer a small group of products and programs like Client Conversion System (which is closed for enrollment at this time) as well as recommend a select group of solutions from other providers that I believe will help fitness entrepreneurs build their Ideal Businesses.

Then, for those who want to work very closely with me, I offer Private Consulting and a couple of small Mastermind Groups focusing on building your Ideal Business.  Here’s an example of one.

My Business is organized into 3 Divisions:

Division One: Education – That’s the free education, products, programs and Virtual Fitness Mastermind.

Division Two: Consulting & Coaching – My Private Consulting clients and Mastermind Groups fall under this category.

Division Three: Collaboration & Publishing – This is where I contribute to another business in more than a consulting way…like with my wife’s Fit Yummy Mummy business or when I work with a partner or even publish someone’s content.

And here is some of the stuff I use to operate my business.

The reason I wanted to tell you how this lays out is so you understand some of my thoughts for my Ideal Business:

  • I need to generate enough revenue through the 1st & 2nd Division to cover my family’s financial needs for now and the future and for the stuff we want to enjoy now.  I don’t want even 1% of that to have to come from the 3rdDivision. That way I ONLY collaborate with or work with people I’m truly excited about. No partnerships or collaboration unless I’m confident that what we’ll be doing will be great and it will be a lot of fun in the process. None of that just to make a buck.
  • In the 2nd Division I only work with people I like.  No exceptions.  My Perfect Client.  This is where I spend most of my live, interactive time so those people have to be motivated, high quality entrepreneurs that I enjoy.
  • Everything that I create in the 1st Division is designed to speak to that Perfect Prospect or Perfect Client.  Since some of the offerings are products, I can’t always know that my perfect client is who the customer could be…but everything I do here is designed to speak to the person I truly want to work with – so if someone else buys, it’s because that message spoke to them rather than me changing the message.
  • It has to create freedom.  Freedom for me means the time to do what I want (spend time around family and friends) enjoying the lifestyle that I want (not fancy, but we can do what we want, when we want for the most part), and do that while still having security for the future. That’s why, in spite of traveling a lot lately, all my trips have been short.  I want to go connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs, but not at the expense of my family time.  So if one of my kids has a game, I’m back…no exceptions.  (Yes, I’ll fly back from California early for a t-ball game.)
  • I don’t want a lot of employees.  Probably always under a dozen.  I prefer to know the people I work with well and have a small, close knit group rather than a big one.  Besides – because I enjoy entrepreneurs, I’d rather contract and collaborate with like-minded, successful ones rather than just add employees.

So that’s a quick peek at what my Ideal Business looks like.  I don’t expect yours to look the same. I just wanted to give you a look at the way I think so you can start to construct yours.

Frankly, I think the industry is saturated with ‘me too’ businesses that all look alike – with few truly making their owners happy and giving them what they want in income, lifestyle and satisfaction.

And I also think that most of the people teaching the ‘business side’ of this are being more of the problem than the solution – trying to crank out cookie cutter businesses.

I understand why they teach this.  It’s easy.  You teach one thing and ask everyone to conform to you.

But that’s not for me.  I think it would leave me unsatisfied and it would leave the fitness entrepreneurs with a ‘success’ that doesn’t feel like one.

Hopefully this was useful to you.

Now if you want me to help you build your Ideal Business, there are several options above – but more importantly…I really want you to take a look at what you want YOUR business to look like.  You started a business for a reason…or several.  Make sure your on a path for it to be what you want it to be and for it to help you realize your goals and dreams.



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