You’re probably more capable than you’ve ever imagined – but you have to let go of the artificial restraints.

You can create your Ideal Business – and reap all the rewards that it yields – through repeated, focused effort…but you can’t do it if you tell yourself it’s impossible.

You can’t do it if you lock yourself in your own prison of doubt.

You have to be willing to make a trade if you’re going to be successful.

You’ve got to be willing trade ‘I can’t because…’

And in return for giving that up you must embrace ‘How will I…’

See, I’m of the belief that you can largely do what you think you can do…and you cannot do what you think you cannot do.

Yes, there are exceptions…but more often than not, that’s the case.

Now understand that by making this trade – you’ll be giving up that addiction to excuses and reasons that you’ve likely been groomed to have over a lifetime..the fine art of rationalizing that most of us have been brought up with.

Instead, you’re simply going to get the job done and achieve your goals.

No more making every excuse in the book and having others sympathize with you while underneath knowing that you settled for less than you deserved.

By making this trade you’re now going to go and get what it is that you truly want.

You’re going to start disregarding negative advice and instead seek out those who know ‘how to’ achieve what it is that you want to achieve.

Forget the people who tell you it can’t be done and instead simply do it.

I assure you that if you’re willing to set a target, then work smart and work hard…you’ll get there.

And if you borrow the expertise of someone who has already been there…well, then you’ll likely arrive twice as fast.

So the question is this: Are you willing to make the trade?

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