I want to share a simple formula for growing your business…here it is:

  1. Get clear about who your Perfect Client is.
  2. Focus your marketing efforts on prospects who match that Perfect Client profile and ignore pretty much everyone else.
  3. Nurture your relationship with those prospects, discover what they want and display how you can help.
  4. Once they know, like and trust you, get them on board as clients and provide solutions to their problems and help them get what they want.
  5. Repeat that formula over and over.

So let me show you how that works in the real world.

My Perfect Client is a fitness entrepreneur.

Not a general entrepreneur.  Not simply a personal trainer.

A fitness entrepreneur.

So I’ve focused pretty much all of my marketing efforts on attracting those people or people who are aspiring fitness entrepreneurs.

And once someone is on my list, everything I write is written specifically for them.

I try to deliver what they (you) want and also do my best to help.

So when I do offer something like the ‘Work With Me’ offer that I send you in the P.S. from time to time – I get a strong response in just a few hours in spite of being a pretty significant investment.

Now if any of the elements of the formula leading up to making that offer were missing or weak…there is no way I’d have sold it out period…let alone in a couple hours.

So put the formula into action.

In fact, I spoke to a room of fitness pros yesterday that I know will benefit from this greatly when they put it into practice.  

The first thing they (and most of us) need to do is to dial in their ‘perfect client.’

Think about this from the client perspective instead of the business owner perspective.

You’re reading this now.  Would you be if I wasn’t writing it specifically for you?

Would you read it if I was talking about restaurants, dry cleaners, chiropractors, car dealerships and realtors as much as I was talking about fitness business owners?

I doubt it.

But once most of us put the ‘business owner’ hat on, we’re afraid to narrow it down and say that ‘I work with people 50 and over who want to turn back the clock, look and feel great’ or ‘I help busy moms get the bodies they want in the time they have.’

No, we settle for saying ‘I’m a personal trainer who works with athletes, fat loss clients, people in pain, seniors, brides to be, busy professionals, toddlers, people who wear sweaters and anyone else with a pulse and a credit card.’

Not very appealing.

So really spend some time on step one in that formula.  Cool?

Once you do that, it’s like the first domino…everything else will fall into place when you get that right.

So who is your perfect client? Comment below and let me know…I really want to know!

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