Let your limitations guide you to success.

For me it’s limitations like preferring to lead rather than manage.

It’s preferring to work at home rather than have a big office.

It’s not wanting to deal with bureaucracy.

It’s not liking ‘business-speak’ or formal.

It’s not being good at tech stuff.

It’s not being willing to give up the interactive stuff – the coaching and consulting.

Those are limitations that hold me back in many ways…but instead of seeing them as bottlenecks I’ve made them the strengths of my business.

You might not have a big marketing budget.

Maybe you aren’t a techie either.

Perhaps you don’t have 500K worth of shiny equipment in a high traffic retail spot.

Maybe you aren’t a business expert by ‘traditional standards’.

In my eyes, they’re all good things.

Instead of freaking out about these limitations, embrace them.

Let them guide you.

Constraints or limitations drive innovation and force focus.

Instead of trying to remove them or mask them, use them to your advantage.

I put my limitations front and center.

I write about them…I showcase them every day.

And I use them to attract other people who can connect with them.

Instead of hiring a big team that needs babysitting…I prefer to work with entrepreneurial types who prefer to be led. I work with people like you.

I tend to hire contractors who are as passionate about what they do as I am about what I do. When I hire a team member…I want to set them up to succeed and then lead and if they need micromanaging we’re not going to fit.

Instead of having a big office – I bring clients into my home office so they can see the authentic me. If the house is messy…so be it. I want people to know the guy writing the email is the same guy they’ll meet in person.

I outsource the tech stuff and focus on the 20% of things (coaching, communication and creation) that I’m good at.

I write like I talk and can avoid bureaucracy and formal by just being me…those guys listen to me talk once or read an email and immediately unsubscribe 🙂

Where the other business coaching solutions are all about scaling and having teams of coaches…I prefer to connect directly with people. It may not be awesome for getting the most people, but it forces me to get the right people.

And in your business…

Not having a big budget will force you to be more personal.

Not having a bunch of brain dead selectorized equipment means that you get to differentiate by coaching.

Not having a big location means you get to be more boutique.

Not being a techie pulls you out from behind the computer so you actually have to connect with other humans.

Not being a ‘traditional business’ expert means you won’t be limited by their short sighted thinking and will allow you to focus on doing what’s best instead of what’s always been done.

Limitations are often advantages in disguise.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have…make what you do have work to your advantage.

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