If you want to enjoy the type of business success that I suspect you do…then you’re going to need to create your own rules.

See, most of us get into business because we don’t want to follow someone else’s rules.  We either aren’t happy or feel like the ceiling is just too low.

Then, most of the time what happens is one of these two scenarios…

  1. You simply adopt someone else’s rules as your own by choice.
  2. You fail to ever create your own rules so you’re inadvertently controlled by other’s rules.

In the first case you may just follow someone else’s franchise or license…or you just piece together rules from a variety of sources.

In the second case you’re so hell-bent on being your own individual you don’t even bother to set your own rules…so then you’re stuck being controlled by everyone else’s set of rules whether you realize it or not.

So what I propose to you is this:

Create your own rules.

That’s pretty much why I created PatRigsby.com and the concept of your Ideal Business.

Because you need to have rules that you run your business by…

…but they should be your own.

To be successful in life, you have to follow some rules.

You need rules point out the most direct route to where you want to go.

“Do this.”

“Don’t do that.”

Make enough right choices and you’ll have the business that you want.

Back in my coaching career I followed the typical rules and we were average…but when I created my own we became a championship caliber program.

As a business owner – when I’ve been able to craft my own rules I’ve enjoyed success and been happy…and when I’ve tried to simply fit into someone else’s…well, not so good.

So now, I know.

I have rules that I use to guide my direction and to make my decisions.

If I veer from them much at all, I’m essentially saying that my Ideal Business isn’t important to me.

Doesn’t matter if it’s more money, bigger opportunities or anything else.

I’m either playing by my rules or someone else’s.

In fact, I’ve recognized that I’m playing by someone’s rules 100% of the time…and my goal is to progressively move toward that being 100% mine and 0% someone else’s.  

This doesn’t mean I can’t work with others or even have business partners.

It means that I need to be doing my stuff by my rules if they’re going to get the best version of me and if I’m going to be happy.

So here’s what I want you to leave you with:

You can have the business that you want…but only if you create your own rules and play by them.

Here are a couple of my rules if this helps get you started:

  1. Family first. This starts with time and how I spend it…but it really permeates everything I do.
  2. Do what I’m good at and what I enjoy. Other stuff has to get done…but I systematically work to minimize it or outsource it if it doesn’t fit that criteria.
  3. Work only with people who make me happy…and the closer I work with someone the more this is a focus. So if you’re a MM member or private client you can trust that I really like you 🙂

The further I get into my business and the more financial autonomy I have…the more rigid these become. I assure you that especially with #2 & #3…these were not always in place.

It’s a process.


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