Creating your Ideal Business starts with you.

What you believe. What you want. What you do.

So to help you on the path toward having the business you want, I’ve provided 8 Guiding Principles.

  1. Change Your Focus.

Changing your focus could be your most important challenge.

Most business owners focus on getting by. They think about what tactic will be the band aid they need for today’s problem. They think that the magic is in some new training or marketing tactic.

Instead, to create your Ideal Business you must focus on:

  • Your VISION.
  • Your IMPACT.
  • Your PURPOSE.
  • Your VALUES.
  • The PROBLEMS you’ll SOLVE.
  • The VALUE you’ll ADD in others lives.
  • Your GOALS.
  • The ACTION you’ll take.
  1. Think BIG.

Focus on your VISION. Your Biggest Goals. The Impact you’ll have. If you believe you already think BIG… then think even BIGGER!

What would your Ideal Business look like?

The quantity of the effort it takes to just get by is not much different than the quantity of the effort needed to do something extraordinary.

Which will you choose to think about?

  1. Operate Differently.

Your business is perfectly designed to get the results you’re getting today. If you want a different outcome…you must do things differently.

Abandon the mediocre and be better.

If you want to be know as #1 in your market…then you better operate the way a #1 should.

  1. Take Massive Action.

To make more progress in the next 6 months than you’ve made in the last 6 years…you must take massive action.

No little tweaks.

Don’t talk about what you’ll do or just ‘dip your toe in the water’…dive in headfirst. Action creates momentum.

Decide what 3 massive actions you could take right now that would create a quantum leap in your business.

Then act!

  1. Success is a Team Sport.

Find people that connect with your vision. Clients. Team Members. Friends.

Focus on attitude. Attract energy givers…not energy takers. Coach them up. Lead and bring out the best in others.

No one builds their Ideal Business alone.

  1. Simple = Successful.

Simple executed well ALWAYS beats complex executed in a mediocre way.

Be the best at a few things. Leave the rest to others to be the best at. Be the best for a few people. Leave the rest for others to help.

Stay in your lane and play to your strengths.

  1. Focus on Relationships.

Maximize the relationships in your life. Connect deeply and often. Care about people when others see them as nothing more than a means to an end.

Help enough people reach their goals and you’ll reach yours.

  1. Be a Producer.

Everything in your business…in your life…take responsibility for Producing.

  • Results and experiences for clients.
  • Culture and fulfillment for your team.
  • Revenue and profit for your business.
  • Income, impact and freedom for you.

If you want to build your Ideal Business…you must Produce.

“The mind, once expanded to dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size.”

—Oliver Wendell Holmes

Be ruthless about being different and being better. Ordinary businesses exist because we settle for ordinary thoughts and actions.

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