I often talk about building your own Ideal Business, so I wanted to give you my take on what the characteristics of an ‘Ideal Business’ are…

Independent – An Ideal Business is controlled by you. That’s why you went into business…to be in control of your own destiny. You want them autonomy to build the business that you want.

Distinctive – The Dictionary says Distinctive means having a special quality, style, attractiveness, etc.; notable. Do you know any businesses that you’d consider extraordinary that don’t fit that description? Your Ideal Business must stand out…it must be Distinctive.

Enjoyable – For me this is a huge part of building my Ideal Business. We’re all going to spend thousands of hours in our business so being Enjoyable is a must. The business that you construct must be one where you feel like you get to go to work most every day…not one where you feel like you’ve got to go to work.

Authentic – Your Ideal Business must be reflective of you, your belief and your values. If you’re going to love it, then it can’t be cookie cutter and look and feel like everyone other bland business out there.

Lucrative – Obviously, your Ideal Business needs to be lucrative. You need to be able to enjoy the type of income that provides for both your ‘now’ and your ‘future.’

Your Ideal Business should be all of that and more.

Let’s face it, there is no shortage of information on how to build a business available. I’m an amazon junkie and there are literally thousands of books about ‘business’…but few are specifically written to help a personal like me or you. I’ve read plenty of them and they’re written about big corporations and you get to try to adapt all that stuff to what you do.

Then there are the solutions that our industry offers…but again, they’re more about the person or business creating them and their preferences then they are about you and what you want.

So do yourself (and me) a favor and start thinking about what your Ideal Business looks like:

Who do you want to work with?

What sort of format will you deliver your service in?

What type of experience do you want your clients immersed in?

What type of culture will your business have? Will it even be a facility or are you going to have an online business?

How much income will you generate?

What will your work schedule be?

Start thinking about it…

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