I know, I know…I’m making doubling your business sound way too easy, but stick with me here.

See – I really think the key to you doubling your business is how you’re investing your time.

Yes, investing.

Not spending.

Because if you’re using your time as you should there will be a compounding effect…an effect far greater and one that will yield more ROI than any stock you’re likely to buy.

So what are those 3 steps and how do they relate to investing your time?

The first step is planning how you’re going to invest your day.

Each day someone is going to decide how your time is used.

The first key to doubling your business is to make sure that the first allocation of your time goes toward achieving the things that YOU want…because I can assure you that you’re going to be helping someone achieve their goals each day – so I it might as well be you.

How do you do that?

Well – here’s the simplest approach:

Decide the top 2-3 things you need to do tomorrow to move you toward your goals – then make sure that you have time allocated to invest in those things.

At the end of the day do a quick review on the progress you made, what you could do better and what your top 2-3 are for the next day.

And that’s the first step.

Then (we’re building up here) we move on to your weekly plan.

On the weekend spend 15 minutes reviewing the previous week, looking at how you invested your time, celebrating your successes and mapping out what you want to accomplish to move your business forward in the next week…and that is step #2.

This will set the stage for the daily planning that we touched on as the first step.

So the third step is not the quarterly planning that you’re probably expecting.

No – I’m a fan of yearly and quarterly planning and personally do both…but I think the thing that trumps both is taking time away to work ON your business.

That is step #3.

See – you could plan your upcoming quarter or even your upcoming year…but if you can’t ever see the forest for the trees you miss out on the opportunity to truly craft a plan that will improve your business.

You’re too immersed in the day to day to be creative, you can never get clear of what you’re doing now to think about what is truly possible and how to get there.

I’ll give you an example…I was at the meeting for the Mastermind Group I belong to and was able to work through mapping out four different projects I couldn’t really ever get past sticking points and also figured out solutions to what I consider the 2 biggest challenges in my business.

In a day.

All because I could see things clearly…through the ‘lens’ of working ON my business rather than IN my business.

Now I can plug those things into my weekly and daily plans.

Now it could be a coincidence that all that happened in my first work day away from my office…but I don’t think it was.

So there are the 3 steps to doubling your business.

Nothing magic about them…just being able to work ON what you want your Ideal Business to be and how to get there…then investing the time in making it a reality.

Not easy…but very simple.

So apply the 3 steps and get on the path to doubling your business.

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