One of the things we focus a lot on in my mastermind groups is working smart.

Simplifying things so that we’re doing the stuff that yields the best return.

In my eyes it’s all about making the most of our time.

So with that in mind…I want to issue you a challenge.

I want you to work 3 hours less per week and still get the same amount done.

In fact – I suspect that when you start to investigate it…I think you’ll be able to get more done in that shorter period of time.

Maybe right now you’re working 55 hours a week.

Could be more or less – but we’ll use that to start.

Do you really think that only working 52 will kill your business?

It’s a shift of less than 6% of your work hours.

Less than 2% of the 168 hours we have each week to spend.

Do you really believe that 3 fewer hours will hurt what you do…

…or do you think like I do – that you’ll find a way to get done what you need to get done in the time you have.

That’s my bet.

You might find more creative and effective ways to market or you might block your time a bit more efficiently.

You’ll get it done.

Then – with that 3 hours I want you to invest it in something else important to you.

It’s 156 hours a year.

How much could you improve in a skill you want to develop or a topic you want to learn with 156 extra hours a year?

How many more experiences could you have or memories could you create with friends and family in that time?

If you invested that time at anything else important to you – the results would be pretty staggering…and it all begins with shifting that measly 1.7% of your week.

Now you may be thinking that this idea doesn’t matter all that much…it’s just 3 hours.

But it does.

It’s your life.

It’s deciding who owns your business and your time.

If you don’t decide…who does?

So this little exercise or challenge is simply the first domino in you building your Ideal Business.

Are you ready?

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