Meet our client, Christine.

She’s a middle-aged woman, single, and probably summed up as our “average” client.

She works in banking, but not super high up, an average income.

When I met with her for her orientation she was about as hesitant as they get.

She had never stepped foot into a training gym, only tried some group exercise classes before, and couldn’t understand why every membership was over $150 per month.

We did a decent job on day one, I got her to try a month at our lowest tier, and off to the races she went.

If we stopped there, I’m guessing we would have missed out on at least $10,000 in revenue just from her, and that’s conservative.

We continued with our strong onboarding program, over delivered, and then all of the sudden we sit back and watch the magic work.

After about 2-3 weeks she came up to Mel, our Director of Customer Experience, and started crying.

She had never been successful in the gym before and she was finally seeing results.

She loved the daily emails and she looked forward to the check-ins and accountability calls.

Long story short, Christine has been with us for about a year now.

She upgraded her membership to our highest option, joined our nutrition program, buys her supplements from us, and is obsessed with our rewards program where she gets points for everything she does, including 400 points for every referral she gives us.

In a very conservative number, she has given us at least $10,000 in her short time here.

That’s a pretty big jump compared to the $150 she committed to in the beginning.

Here are a couple big takeaways:


  1. Remember the value of one client

We spend so much time trying to get new clients, yet there is so much to be made from our existing clients. The story above is cool, and she is having great success. Imagine if you can multiply that by 10, 100, 200, clients?


  1. The first 90 days are so crucial

That’s why I’m such a firm believer in having a strong onboarding program and something like a Client Lifecycle Checklist to make sure every client goes through the big milestones. If we dropped the ball once with the above story that could have made the difference between a client for life and a client for a month.


  1. Never assume

When I first met with Christine I knew if I was able to close the sale it was going to be tough. I probably assumed that she just was miserable and not going to want to pay for anything like our service. Luckily I was able to get her to try it and build the value from there, but I caught myself making assumptions that were never true.


  1. Every piece of the puzzle matter

The follow-up process, the success session, the greetings, the workouts, the community stuff, the accountability stuff, and all the extra things we all do to go above and beyond for our clients. When we’re in the trenches we don’t realize the impact it’s having, or when we’re building out one piece of the puzzle we don’t realize how integral it is to the entire thing, it all works together.

How do you go above and beyond for your clients?

More importantly, how do you stay consistent delivering a top-notch experience to all clients so that can WOW every single person?


By Doug Spurling

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