I often get questions from entrepreneurs about building their Ideal Businesses.

They’ve usually had someone tell them that it was a fantasy…that they should settle for having what I’d consider a pretty mediocre business.

So I wanted to make sure you knew what I shared with them…


You can build your Ideal Business.


Now, you can’t just ‘have’ your Ideal Business.

It’s earned. It’s built.

So what’s an Ideal Business?

Well, let’s start with what it’s not…


…It’s not a business that’s likely going to have you laying on a beach with a laptop and a margarita like you’ll see on the cover of some of those books on being a ‘lifestyle entrepreneur.’

…It’s not exclusive to online or offline businesses.

…It’s not a four hour workweek.


Frankly, I don’t know how to build something that doesn’t require work. I’m not sure I know anyone that does.

So if that’s not an Ideal Business, what is?


First…an Ideal Business is one that allows you to work with the people you want to work with. You should be training the people you want to…the people you are the best at training.


You should be employing the people you feel that are good ambassadors for your business.

And you should be contracting the people you feel make you better and enjoy working with. From accountant you hire to the business coach you work with…they should be aligned with your vision.

So that’s the ‘people piece’ of building your Ideal Business.


When it comes to the ‘what you do’ piece of building your Ideal Business, you decide what you want to be known for.


There’s no ‘one-size-fits all’ path.
fitness business success path

If you want to run groups or bootcamps…you decide.

If you want to train in-home or one-on-one, you decide.
Warehouse or retail.

Premium pricing or value pricing.

Fat loss or sports performance.


Who you want to train, how you want to train them…how you’re positioned in the market.

You decide.


And when you want to scale your business, you can do it through growing one location, adding other locations, going online and even licensing or franchising.

If you want to grow by having more clients, by having more employees or having more locations…that’s up to you.

How you scale the impact you have is up to you.

Now the things that everyone focuses on as soon as I say ‘Ideal Business’ are Income and Lifestyle…and you decide about those too.

First, they’re largely a product of the choices you make with everything else.

And if you want more income…you focus more on being a producer.

If you want Saturdays off, you block them off the schedule and make it work.

You’re not a victim.


Your life is not a product of your fitness business…your business is a product of your choices.


So when someone tells you that you can’t have your Ideal Business, what they’re really telling you is that you’re not capable of making good choices and following through to make them a reality.

Screw them.

Your business is a reflection of what you. The impact you want to have. The life you want to lead.

Shaping it into your Ideal Business isn’t easy…but why would you settle for anything less?


By Pat Rigsby

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