Who doesn’t want to have their ideal business? The problem is that most people may not even know what that is.

To some, it’s working with clients on the floor; helping make a change in their lives. For them the criteria could be:

  • Picking my ideal clients
  • Working only the hours I want to
  • Charging a premium rate for my time


For others, working on the floor may not have any part of their ideal scenario.

  • Perhaps they enjoy coaching and consulting
  • Producing information products
  • Teaching and presenting


Still others prefer writing and speaking or perhaps some combination of the above.

However, in order to define your ideal business, no matter how your business is structured the one condition which is universal is the selection of your ideal audience.


Specificity of a niche is requirement number 1!


How do you determine your population or direction? If the end goal is the creation of your ideal business you need to feel passionately about servicing them and you need to be able to resonate with them. This means, your niche audience needs to be able to understand you and your core story. In return, you need to demonstrate to them how much you care about them.


If you are focusing on a specific group WITHOUT really caring about them – perhaps solely for monetary gain – it will show through in everything you do.


For example, I help trainers grow their businesses by addressing the needs of and marketing to the baby boomer generation. I can do this because I AM a baby boomer, I have a deeply personal core story about my own experiences turning 50, I have run a successful fitness business and feel strongly that the over 50 population is grossly underserved but needs more help from dedicated fitness pros than any other demographic. This is simple and clear.


There is no mistaking what I am about.


Pat Rigsby has positioned himself in a similar manner. He helps fitness professionals build their ideal businesses. As part of his master mind group, he gets even more specific by focusing entirely upon the growth of on-line fitness businesses. Period. There is nothing vague about his mission.

If you have not heard or even acted upon the concept of the specialist, I urge you to consider doing so today! If you truly want to dominate any market, you need to be the have more knowledge in one single area to the point where people will seek you out because you are positioned as THE person to work with.

Plant your flag in the ground! In fact, take a moment and determine if your current business mission statement can fill in these blanks:


“I (We) work specifically with (X type of clients). If you are seeking to achieve (Y result),

I (We) am/are the one/facility you need to work with.”


Of course, if you don’t have a mission statement, you need to create one immediately.


Society has proven repeatedly that if you focus all of your energy to be the best in one small skill set, people will find you.


The result will be a significant increase in your bottom line.

All of this ties closely into the need to position yourself as an authority in your industry. By writing, speaking and presenting on a highly specialized topic, you become the known expert within that niche. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to produce results!


First make sure you have the skill set to achieve results and then broadcast that skill to others.


The concept of the highly-specific authority figure can be applied to virtually any ‘ideal business’ model. If you look at the possible business structures above, you can see this is the case.

State your mission. Define your niche. Plant your flag.


By Art McDermott

Art McDermott is a Certified Nutritionist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

He has owned several training facilities specializing in personal training, nutrition, fitness/physique transformations, ‘baby boomer’ and senior training as well as sports preparation. Art has been involved with strength sports for over 25 years. During that time, he has participated in over 25 National and World Championships in three different sports, in addition to 2 Olympic Track & Field Trials.

In addition to being a local business owner Art is a speaker and author. He focuses the majority of his time on the “Boomer Blueprint”; a product and service designed specifically for helping individuals 50 years of age and over retain or regain their health vitality and independence.

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