This is sort of a master checklist for probably 80% of our business.

  1. The Big Picture

Just like we ask our clients what success looks like in 12 months from now, I don’t we spend enough time doing that for our own business.

A clear vision of your business is important.

-What are your values?

-What are your guardrails? (one of my favorite lines from Pat Rigsby)

-What does the business look like in 3 years?

-How many clients?

-How much revenue?

-How many team members?

-What’s your schedule?

-What’s a typical day for you?

-What’s the culture inside your facility?

-What trips have you gone on?

Everything that’s important to you.

Last year I spent a lot of time on want I’m calling “Project 2020.”

It’s a 4-page document outlining exactly what I want my business and life to look like 3 years from now.

Will it be perfect?


Will things change?

Of course.

But it helps keep me laser focused on making sure my actions are moving me closer to that vision.

  1. Marketing & Sales

We have to have clients to stay in business.

I like Pat’s One Page Marketing Blueprint for this.

It keeps it nice and simple.

-Who’s your person?

-What’s your message?

-How are you going to nurture (build relationships/add value) them?

-What 3 channels are you going to dominate?

-What’s your free/lead magnet offer?

-What’s your evergreen offer?

-What’s your deadline driven offer?

This all lives on a Marketing Calendar that has a rough outline for 12 months and a dialed in plan for this quarter, all the way down to what are you doing today?


-How do you track your leads?

-How do you follow up?

Once they’re in, what’s your sales process?

Ours is 7 steps:

  1. Meet & Greet
  2. Set Expectations
  3. Find Why
  4. Tour
  5. Movement Orientation
  6. Program Overview
  7. Close the sale

Document it.

Do it consistently.


  1. Operations & Systems

I think we tend to overcomplicate this.

Every process you do, just write it down.


  • How do you answer the phone?
  • What is your standard for a good session?
  • What happens when a member joins?
  • What’s your daily, weekly, and monthly financial checklists?


From there it becomes either a one-page checklist or a short video that all staff can easily access.

We just store ours on Google Drive.

  1. HR & Team Development

People in your business are your biggest asset.

  • How do you find them?
  • How do you interview them?
  • How do you onboard them?

Once onboard, it never stops.

Daily leadership.

Always driving the vision.

Clear expectations.

Constant appreciation.

  1. Culture

This is something that I think is so important, but yet so hard to define.

I just think this requires an enormous amount of Emotional Intelligence.

When you walk into your facility how is the energy?

Is it filled with people you enjoy working with?

Are you having fun?

I don’t think this is a checklist, and it’s certainly never static, but it’s vital to the long-term success of the business.

So there you have it…The 5 big pillars.

Am I missing something?


But if you execute on this you’ll be ahead of SO many!

By Doug Spurling

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