It’s easy to get distracted from what really works.

There are any number of ‘shiny objects’ that can impair your focus…but if you want to really succeed over the long term, your best path is to stick to the fundamentals.

Here are 4 that never fail:


1. Being Great At Your Craft

It’s often said by marketers…but this whole idea of ‘you’re not a coach, you’re a marketer of coaching’ is a scam.

Would you want to eat at a restaurant that believed that they weren’t in the business of serving a great meal – they were just in the business of marketing their restaurant?

Probably not.


The bottom line – Being Great at Your Craft is the foundation your business is built on.


If you’re building a training business, be great at training.

Be great at delivering an experience.

It will make marketing easier.

It will make selling easier.

It will make retention easier.

It will make generating referrals easier and it will make maximizing the relationship value with each client easier.


Ignore this component of your business or simply think you’re in the business of just delivering workouts and you will have nothing but a revolving door – at best.


And the more likely outcome will be that the people who do focus on being great at their craft will ultimately win out and put you out of business.


2. Getting More People Exposed To What You Offer

If you’re great at what you do, marketing & selling is simply getting people to experience what you do.

Why you’re different.

How you can help them achieve their goals.

I talk a lot about lead generation and front end offers because they’re essentially getting people to experience what you have to offer.

This is why the first component is so important.


If you have something great to offer – there is no better marketing or selling tool than experiencing it.


Be great at what you do and find a handful of ways to get people to experience it.


3. Maximize The Value Of Each Relationship

Relationships are everything.

Maximizing the relationships with your clients where you retain them longer and get more referrals through providing a great experience.

Maximizing the relationships with the people you know and meet that bring you clients and open doors for you.

Maximizing your relationship with them through providing a more complete solution through back end offerings that you present.

Maximizing your relationships with clients through providing solutions for their kids, friends, family members, co-workers and their network.


4. Maximize The Value of Your Time

Maximizing the value of your time happens in a variety of ways.

For years the shift was first about maximizing your time through using a CMS software so you don’t have to chase checks anymore. Now that most have addressed that, we need to go deeper.

Maximizing the value of your time through creating systems so you’re more efficient and productive with everything you do or people on your team do.

Maximizing the value of your time through tracking the important numbers so that you’re doing more of what works and improving what doesn’t.

Maximizing the value of your time by stopping the pursuit of the next ‘shiny object’ and focusing on the fundamentals.

Maybe this isn’t shiny or new – but do these things consistently and you’ll have a great business… guaranteed.


So my suggestion to you is this: if you’re building your Ideal Business, focus on what works.

Focus on the fundamentals.


Fundamentals are the foundation of most any success and they’ll be the foundation of yours.


By Pat Rigsby

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