I’ve had conversations with 3 different people yesterday about fear and overcoming adversity.

People who feared they might fail.

People who’d been knocked down…or knocked themselves down.

And what I know is that they’re not unique.

They’re not alone.

We’ve all got our fears.

We’ve all had our challenges and our struggles.

I know I have.

I’ve had 3 separate points in my adult life where I feared that I might fail.

Where an adversity I’d experienced made me question myself.

Here’s how I overcame those points…

  1. I reflected back on the success I’d had to that point. What I had achieved and how I got there. That it was earned and deserved.  
  2. I took the time to acknowledge that fear was a natural, impulsive response, but the acronym that seems like a cliche is in fact true.





I looked back at those successes I’d had and that was real…while my fears were based on hypotheticals.  So I accepted that while it was ok to have some fear of the unknown, I had earned the right to be confident in myself.

  1. I stacked up small wins.  If you want confidence, the easiest way to get it is to experience success…so instead of the natural reactions to fear of freezing or overthinking things, I found ways to achieve small victories that would give me the confidence and momentum I needed.
  2. I strengthened the environment…what I was reading, who I was talking to or spending time with…each time I purposefully put myself in an environment that would lift me up, motivate me and push me to succeed. That’s part of why I love reading and love Mastermind groups the way that I do…beyond the education we get from them, they help us create an environment for us to thrive.

So that’s how I’ve dealt with my fears. And while I can’t promise you that it will yield the same results for you that it has for me…I’d be willing to say that I’m certain that it would help.

Just don’t beat yourself up over your failures or challenges. Don’t let your fears get the best of you.

We all have them…it’s part of the process. It’s part of life.

Stay the course toward where you want to go…and use this (or your own variation) as a tool to help you on the journey. You’re going to face these things along the way and your ability to get through them and overcome your fears is what will allow you to achieve the things you want to while other allows themselves to get derailed or settle for less.

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