Here are 11 quick insights – in no particular order – to help you improve your business:

  1. Success Habits happen through repetition, NOT all at once.

If you do something like call connections on Monday, don’t skip Tuesday and Wednesday – then make a few more calls Thursday.

It will never happen on Thursday.

Better to make 2 calls a day every day and be consistent instead of 10 calls once a week.

  1. Every week you should be spending at least 15 minutes just brainstorming how to make your business better.

Write down what you come up with.

If you can get 2% better each week, you’re 104% better in a year.

  1. The question that you ALWAYS have to ask is ‘Am I getting the MOST impact out of EVERYTHING I do?’
  1. Write down the 3 highest compliments you’d like to hear from your clients then figure out what you can do to start GETTING those compliments from your clients.
  1. Be sure to have the right definition of what you actually are.

Don’t narrowly define yourself as just a personal trainer.

What’s the real benefit the client wants?

If you thought of yourself as ‘only’ a personal trainer that provided one on one sessions, when the market shifted to more group training, bootcamps and semi-private you probably got left behind.

It’s kind of like railroads at turn of the century.

They saw themselves as being in the railroad business, NOT the transportation business.

So when other transportation options became more popular they almost were driven out of business.

So maybe you’re in the Fat Loss or Transformation business.

Maybe it’s the Lifestyle Improvement business. How you get people where they want is simply the vehicle – and you should always be looking to improve the vehicle.

  1. The fastest way to grow your business is to ACTIVELY PURSUE your ideal clients. It makes sense, but almost nobody does it.
  1. You need to put a HUGE value on EVERY lead that comes in to your business.

Every lead that comes in needs to be followed up with at least 7 more times.

Phone calls, personal emails, cards – If you aren’t following up you are throwing away a lot of business.

  1. Lifetime value of a client is a huge concept.

That’s why getting someone in the door is such a big deal.

Maybe you break even getting them in, but if you keep the clients for 6, 12 or maybe even 18 months – you’re thriving.

  1. We all do it in sports, but rarely in sales – are you training for your sales presentation?

If you’re not practicing every week you’re leaving money on the table.

  1. A member is somebody who joins a program or facility to gain access to a service or certain resources.

A client, on the other hand, is somebody who is under the care, guidance and protection of an expert in the field.

Treat your people as clients.

  1. Multitasking is terrible for productivity.

Try to do 5 things at once and you’ll do none of them well.

Use my 25 minute time block strategy and focus on one thing for each block.

OK – just a few ideas to thinks about.


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