What’s your job description as the owner of your business?

My guess is that you don’t have a clearly defined one…maybe 2-3% do.

So let me ask you this…if you mapped out what you should be doing as the owner and leader in your business as if it were your job description and you were an employee…


Would you fire yourself?


I’m not sure I asked that in the most clear way…so I’ll try it in another fashion to make sure you get the picture.

As an owner you are likely responsible for some combination of the following:

  • Service Delivery
  • Program Design
  • Hiring and Team Development
  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Culture and Retention
  • Business and Financial Management

Maybe you do all of those things to some degree…maybe just some.


In each of those areas there is a ‘best way’ to get where you’re trying to go and in many cases a way that you’d define success.


So imagine that part of your job was to generate 8 new clients a month in order to hit your business goals…and you added 4 one month, 5 the next and then 6 the month after.

Well, that’s about 68% of what you’re supposed to do.

In most businesses…if you’re consistently falling short on 1/3 of your responsibilities…you’re fired.

I hear it all the time…entrepreneurs telling me that they can’t get their team to produce at a high level.

They won’t sell or market.

They won’t generate referrals.

All they really want to do is train…nothing else.


But the truth is that the fitness entrepreneur has never held the mirror up to themselves and said ‘am I doing my job?’


If you went and took a minimum wage job at McDonald’s and your job was to make burgers…if out of 10 burgers, you only followed instructions on 6 or 7…you’d be fired pretty soon.

And that’s pretty much the lowest level of employment.

So think about your Ideal Business.

Map it out if you haven’t already.

Then get clear about what your actual responsibilities are if you want to make that your reality.

Once you have them…

Execute like your job depends on it.

If you hold yourself to this level of accountability – not only will you have a much better business, but you’ll be leading by example and your Team will be better for it as well.

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