As you’ve probably noticed, most things I do and recommend are largely chosen to make things easier. Simple.

So a simple way of thinking about growing your business is this:

1. Connect

2. Deliver

3. Multiply

Every business has to address these three phases to optimize their growth.

The Connect phase is finding the clients who are qualified, whose needs and wants or pain you can solve in the most efficient and effective way.

The Deliver Phase is where you are providing a service, adding and delivering value, and also marketing and planting seeds for future business.

The Multiply Phase is where you are nurturing that lifetime relationship with people. Most people miss this part and go back to the before unit without utilizing people that already know and like what they do.

If your intention is to Optimize these 3 phases, you have to start at the very foundation.


From the start, you have to create a world-class experience for your Perfect Clients such that they will feel confident and comfortable enough to refer their friends.



Before someone becomes a Client, and actually enjoys the Experience, you have to know who they are and what the steps are to provide them with the Experience that will give them what they want…and more.


It Starts With You.


You need to be a leader for your clients.

People are looking for someone who knows their needs, can provide a solution and offer them the easiest way to get there.

For example, most of the time fitness business owners just give out their information like:

I’m a personal trainer.”

My programs are 3 days per week.”

We do metabolic training with kettlebells, bands and bodyweight exercises.”

It’s $149 per month.”


That’s like Starbucks saying…

We’re a coffee shop.”

We’re open from 6am to 9pm.”

We serve coffee.”

We serve it in cups. It’s made from beans and water and stuff.”

It’s $4.95 per cup.”


Pretty appealing, right?

You connect with your Perfect Prospects by talking about the unique problems, needs and wants they have and how you’re the best possible solution for them.



The Deliver Phase really starts when you are in consultation or Success Session with someone.

At that point, it could go either way. You want to make sure you are not simply selling to them…but instead providing the best solution to them.


Begin with the End in Mind.


Ultimately, that’s what they want…the perceived ‘end.’

Show it to them. Talk about it.

Then simply explain how you’ll work together to get there.

Then finally…go do what you do best.

Deliver it.

And do it in a way that makes it fun for them. Makes it ‘special’ for them. Make them feel like they’re part of an exclusive group.


If you are leading them toward their desired result, and doing so in a way that also is wrapped in a great experience, you are going to create a happy client.



Once you’ve attracted your Perfect Prospect and transitioned them into being a Happy Client, you can get them to refer to you…or basically Multiply.

Just think of it in this simplified way…

In order for a Client to refer a friend, the following three things need to happen:


1. Notice Conversations

Anytime someone makes a referral, it was because it came up in a conversation about that topic. You refer your friend to the restaurant you enjoyed because they are heading to dinner tonight and are not sure where to go.


2. Think About You

Once they’ve recognized the conversation is about something you are the Perfect Solution to help with, that has to trigger a thought of you. The best way to do this is by ensuring that their experience in step two, the Delivery phase, is phenomenal.


3. ‘Introduce’ You

If they’ve thought of you, they now have to introduce you and your business to their friend and actually make the referral. To ensure that they follow through on this next step, you have to make what you do (provide a result to a specific, Perfect type of Client) easy to talk about.


So dial in your message, convey it frequently and make sure they can talk about you and your business in a way that allows them to Multiply it.


That’s the foundation of growing your ideal fitness business. Plan and simple.

We can talk about a bunch of other things that play a role…but this is the core in the same way that training smart and eating supportively are the foundation for getting results. Everything else is secondary.


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