If you want to grow you have to commit.

Anything worth having requires commitment…we tell our clients that same fact.

But commit to what…growing? Improving?

Yes – but let’s get more specific for a minute.

I’ve listed out 9 different commitments that are more specific…commitments that, if you’re willing to make them, will move you on the path to building your Ideal Business.

So…now the ball is in your court. Will you view these 9 as ideas or statements that you’re willing to commit to?

  • Each day I will communicate our value to at least one client or prospect who can buy from me — in person, on the phone, or least preferably, via a personal email.
  • I will grow my business’ list of clients and prospects, because if my list isn’t growing, my revenue likely isn’t either.
  • I will to regularly e-mail value to my growing list. My communications will primarily focus on improving the lives of my readers, not selling, pitching or promoting.
  • I will share the positive things my clients say about my business with others. I understand that if I say it, I’m selling. But if my clients say it, it’s the unquestionable truth.
  • I will understand that how I think is exactly how I sell and market. Because it’s impossible to out-market or out-sell my mindset, I will focus on how I improve my clients lives rather than what I am selling them.
  • I will approach business growth as the proactive pursuit that it is, and I will make time for it daily, even if only a few minutes – which is enough for real growth.
  • I will be bold, because business is no place for the meek or modest.
  • I will identify the approaches to business growth that I enjoy, and that generates results, and I will execute these because I know that if I don’t like it, I won’t do it.
  • I will get clear about what my Ideal Business is and I’ll pursue it daily.

These are commitments I make to grow my business that have worked for me and they’ll work for you too if you’re willing to make them.

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