If you want to grow your fitness business, you must spend some time working ON it along with all the time you spend working IN it.

A lot of this boils down to time management, but it’s not only about saving time…

…it’s about making your time more valuable.

The way you make your time more valuable is to make sure you’re getting high return activities done instead of always pushing them back to spend your time “putting out fires” or just working IN your business.

Here’s a simple way that you can ensure that you are spending time working ON your business every day:

Use the 3 by 11 Method.


Step One: Each evening before you go to bed, list out 3 high return activities you can accomplish the next day. These are work ON your business tasks.


Step Two: In the morning choose one of the high return activities and complete it. See it through beginning to end. If it’s not something that fits into an hour or at most two – break it down into smaller components and finish one of those.

After you finish the task, check it off and move to the next one.

The goal is to finish 3 high return tasks by 11 a.m.


Step Three: Evaluate what you got done at the end of the day and create your 3 by 11 list for tomorrow.

Now you may be thinking to yourself – “Yeah, right. I’m booked solid from 5:30 –Noon almost every day.”

No sweat. Pick any 3 hour window throughout the day and use that as your “by 11” time.

During that time, shut off the distractions – for me that would be random calls, ESPN, and random email – and get the things done that will take your business to the next level.

So what do you think? Is this simple enough that you can put it into action?


By Pat Rigsby