I love spending time connecting and coaching.

One of the things that I always try to do when I get to spend time with clients is share what’s been working for me…so I thought I’d share a summary with you.

Really, there are only 3 things that my business is built on…and they’ve always been at the core of any professional success I’ve had.

  1. Play To Your Strengths: I have touched on this a lot…because it’s what I feel we should all do.

Dan Sullivan (a guy far smarter than me) calls it Unique Ability and we all have it.

We all have a few things that we’re good at…and my belief is that we should spend as much of our time on that stuff as we can and let people who’s strengths are different than ours do the stuff that’s not in our wheelhouse.

I’m only good at a few things…and the higher percentage of my time I spend on those things…the better my business is.

  1. Keep It Simple: I feel like most people over-complicate things. I want to take the simplest path to the destination.

I’d rather have a simple business model and try to be great at a few things than a complex one that requires me to try (and often struggle) at a bunch of stuff.

  1. Recognizing Opportunities: Most of the things I’ve had success with professionally have been the result of recognizing opportunities that others didn’t see or others didn’t value.

Opportunities to transplant ideas from other industries. Opportunities to leverage my strengths and assets. Opportunities to do things a bit differently.

Opportunities are all around us…but you have to look for them. If you wait around for the obvious ones you’ll be late to the party.

That’s it.

And while the stuff that drives my business isn’t rocket science or some lengthy list…I’m proud of it.  I think the path to each of our own Ideal Businesses is shorter and easier to navigate than most people would guess…and the simplicity of what I do just reinforces that.

So if things aren’t where you want them or you aren’t moving as fast as you’d like to where you want to be…use this list as a guide and I’m guessing you’ll start progressing much, much faster.

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