We all want to grow. We want to improve.

It’s not complicated…it’s just how we, as entrepreneurs, are wired.

So with that in mind, embrace the 3 tips below and make sure they play a big part in what you do on a daily basis…and you’ll be well on your way to consistent growth.

  1. Be Somewhere – To quote marketing guru Dan Kennedy, “You Can’t Do Business Sitting on Your Ass.”

You need to be out in front of people where opportunities can happen.

Be visible by getting yourself and your message in front of your ideal prospects.

So go connect in person. Get your message in front of the right people on Facebook. Be seen. Constantly.

You can’t just sit in your gym, do nothing to get in front of new business and expect to grow.

  1. Do Something – Everyone has ideas. Everyone has talents. Few act on them.

Many of the successful fitness entrepreneurs I know are there primarily because they took action, not because they were more talented or had a better idea.

They just made something happen.

In fact, more often than not a bad decision is better than no decision because it leads to action. It is easier to correct the course once you’re actually started than it is to get started in the first place.

A good rule of thumb is to do at least one thing a day to bring in new business, even if you don’t need any new business.

  1. Be Somebody – You need to position yourself as the best solution for someone…not just another gym or trainer.

You need to stand out.


Specialize. Get in the media. Write a book. Be different and be better.

And I’ve got a Bonus one for you…

Ask – If you want something, you have to ask.

If you want more clients, you have to ask for the sale.

If you want more leads, you have to ask for referrals.

When you meet someone that can help your business – ask for something.

Successful people like to be asked for their ideas, opinions, advice, help, and influence.

There are four simple things you need to be doing every day: being somewhere, doing something, be somebody and asking.

Do those and you’re almost assured of business growth.

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