When it comes to marketing you really just need two things:

Attention & Authority

If you have them both you’re set…

…but without them you’re toast.

Everyone gets caught up in how many leads they get or how big their list is, but the real key isn’t the number of people…it’s the number of people who are actually paying attention.

I can’t tell you how many emails come into my inbox that get moved to trash without ever being read or bypass my inbox entirely because they’re tagged in my Unroll.me account as things not important enough to read or dumped into a folder for later (if ever) viewing.

So technically I’m on someone’s list…but they don’t have my attention.

So think about how you’re trying to connect with people…is what you’re giving them meaningful enough that they give you their most valuable commodity – their time?

Or are you just sending boring, “I can get this anywhere” content and failing to create a relationship worthy of their attention.

Because you must have their attention before you can be viewed as an authority.

If you do connect with someone strongly enough that they pay attention, then, in order to get them to invest in what you have to offer they must see you as an authority on solving whatever problem they want to resolve.

They have to truly believe that you can help them fix whatever needs fixed…that you can help them attain whatever they’ve identified as their goal.

And that doesn’t happen by simply doing whatever everyone else does.

You don’t get attention by sending generic articles, posts or videos.

You don’t gain authority by running a sale every 3 days.

If you want to build a business that makes a difference and allows you to reach your personal and professional goals – you need to be someone that people can know, like and trust.

Not just someone trying to get them to pull their credit card out.

Get their attention by being different and being better.

Become the authority by delivering greatness.

Do both of those and people will line up to become your clients.