I learned a long time ago as a coach that the people you are coaching are not all the same and don’t all thrive by approaching things the same way.

Some really need the motivation. Others thrive due to the accountability. Still others excel because of the structured programming.

Viewed a different way, some of your clients are with you because of the community you have created and they’re now a part of.

Others are really driven by achieving certain targets that you might set or that are part of your program if you use a system like Smart Group Training or FitRanx.

Still others just want the thinking done for them so they love the fact that you provide the right program and the support to execute it well.


Great businesses aren’t ‘one trick ponies.’


They have a variety of components that they use to keep their clients engaged and thriving.

I’ve really taken this same mindset with Virtual Fitness Mastermind because it’s the way I think…and frankly, it’s not the way any of the other people in my ‘space’ think so it’s one of the things I try to make a competitive advantage.

Here’s what I mean…and below I’ll share how you can apply the same thinking as I think it’s a game changer.

If someone just wants to learn the things they need to be successful in business – we’ve got them covered with the Playbooks. The Playbooks address every facet of building a training business…and there is even a detailed Playbook on building an online business. members can focus on what they need when they want to.

But others really want the done-for-you tools and marketing campaigns to save time and to plug in things they know works. That’s where our Toolbox comes in. We’ve got over 150 ready to use tools and add more regularly.

Still others want the coaching that Justin & I provide in VFM Connect. We’re in there every day answering questions and for some fitness entrepreneurs, that type of coaching is needed to make rapid progress in their business.

And then – just like you…the community plays a key role. In VFM Connect we’ve got about 700 members so each fitness pro can connect with and be surrounded by like-minded others who will lift them up and help them reach their goals. We also address this with the What’s Working Now and Case Studies.


And something we’re adding (should be live by the end of July) is a Curriculum for those who want it. It will look pretty much like this:

Month One – Ideal Business Formula. Basically this will be the development of your
roadmap to success.

Month Two – Brand Optimization. This will be getting clear about what you want your business to be known for.

Month Three – Sales & Conversions. Here we’ll make sure that you’re converting prospects into clients.

Month Four – Referral Marketing. You’ll learn how to get your best clients to become advocates for your business.

Month Five – Online Marketing. You’ll discover what you need to be doing to generate the right leads online consistently.

Month Six – Offline Marketing. In this month you’ll determine what offline tactics fit your business & you as well as how to implement them successfully.

Month Seven – Business Management. Here you’ll learn how to implement the systems and tools you need to run your business at a high level.

Month Eight – Reactivation. You’ll be able to start bringing back the clients that already know, like and trust you for an income surge.

Month Nine – Scaling Growth. Hiring, staff development, internships and even expansion are all covered here.

Month Ten – Productivity. How to make the most of your time so you can spend fewer hours and get better results.

Month Eleven – Income Optimization. You’ll discover how to make sure your business is providing you with the income and long term security you deserve.

Month Twelve – Lifestyle Optimization. In this month you’ll begin optimizing your business so that it gives you the lifestyle you want and deserve as an owner.


All the material will be available at all times for members, but for those who want a specific path to follow – this will help them it.

The idea is that we want to meet members where they are and give them what serves them best – not expect them all to fit into one straight-line system. The components we offer are the same, but there is enough variety that we can find strong connection points with a much greater number of people.

So how do you put this into action?

First – you have to commit to being more than a workout.


Most fitness businesses are just that…workout providers.


Then the next level up is program providers…the workouts are actually structured to be progressive and might even be based on some initial assessment. Do the latter and it already puts you in the top 10%.

But the great ones start to blend in other things…


They have a strong community.

They do events together. Maybe they have a private Facebook Group that is really active. The clients really support one another. If you get the ‘right’ clients rather than just anyone with a pulse and a credit card – this is easier.


The great businesses also create a great experience.

The look and feel of the facility ‘fits’ the ideal clients – from the decor to the music. The staff is engaging and makes everyone feel like they’re family (assuming you’re nice to family.)


There are success stories to keep people motivated.

There is some sort of ‘carrot’ to keep people engaged…or better yet, a few to fit different people. For some, body composition might be one, while for others the Smart Group Training Band System or Fit Ranx could be another.


Then, finally the great businesses cover all their bases.

They address everything that goes into clients reaching their goals…not just the stuff that happens for the 3 hours each week clients are in the facility.


And remember…what connects with someone when they’re new (maybe the structured program and accountability) might not be what really keeps them coming later (perhaps it’s the community and the continuous ’carrot’ then.)

That’s why you need them all.

So put your business under the microscope.

Determine who you want to work with and what you want to be known for.

Then develop a multi-faceted approach to getting them the results they want and connecting with them in the way that suits them best.

And if you’d like to see how we’re building and delivering our approach, check out Virtual Fitness Mastermind.


By Pat Rigsby

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