Now that you know about the Attract & Convert Units, let’s focus on the Deliver Unit.

We’ve covered 5 Parts of what’s wrong with the current state of fitness marketing and how you can do better. You can review here:

Part One:
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Part Four:
Part Five:

So, what can you do moving forward?

Let’s break down some ideas by Unit:

The Attract Unit:

  • Get clear about who you’re trying to reach.
  • Determine what a ‘dream come true’ result is for them and what they feel is holding them back from getting it.
  • Focus your marketing on them and getting them to ‘raise their hand’ as someone who potentially wants that result or identifies with that problem.
  • Start seeing this unit as a capital investment, just like your equipment or education…something that will yield a positive ROI over time.
  • Don’t focus entirely on attracting people through FB. Use that, but also integrate offline methods and referral methods.
  • Commit to attracting a minimum number of prospects per month. Identify what you need as a minimum and settle for nothing less.

The Convert Unit:

  • Stop trying to convert people in ads and start trying to convert them after they say they’re interested.
  • This can be immediately after…like on a thank you page for an opt in…but secure the opportunity to follow up first.
  • Commit to following up for as long as you’re in business. Yes…that long.
  • You can decide who you want to market to and what you want to say to attract them…you can’t decide when they’re ready.
  • Share stories of your own clients’ successes.
  • Provide value…your expertise & motivation…but in their terms.
  • Make offers consistently…mixing ‘evergreen’ with ‘deadline driven.’
  • Focus on making it easy to engage with you. The first goal is to make it a two-way conversation instead of a one-way conversation.
  • Make sure that your follow up is building value in the ultimate result that you want…a long-term client.
  • Remember…this is a partnership…so start treating them like a partner as soon as they give you their attention. That’s how you keep them as a partner.

The Deliver Unit:

  • Once someone commits to you being their ‘partner’ in helping them achieve their goals…act accordingly. It’s the beginning of the transaction…not the end.
  • Think about how to make the experience…the process…enjoyable. That doesn’t mean it’s always fun…but they need to feel accomplished, valued and connected. Just because something is challenging doesn’t mean it should be unpleasant.
  • Treat people as individuals…not just faces in a crowd.
  • Deprivation may work for a challenge…but very few agree to feel deprived for the next several years. Most tolerate the things they don’t like with the hope of the 6 week promise…then, when they realize that losing a few pounds didn’t cure everything that made them unhappy…they decide ‘no more deprivation.’
  • Most of them will never have 10% bodyfat…so you have to find a way to make them want to stay even though they’re not going to grace the cover of a fitness magazine.
  • Earn clients staying and becoming advocates…then, when they’re ready to advocate…make it easy for them to do.

I know…different than most people’s approach.

That’s ok.

I want to help people build their Ideal Business…and I’ve yet to meet someone who’s Ideal is the feast or famine approach that has become common.

In fact, that’s why 98% of the people I work with focus on recurring revenue…and the other 2% are still focused on long-term client success.

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