Show Notes

  • Tactics are great, but success starts from the inside out
  • A good mindset helps you improve tactics
  • There are 5 keys to a winning mindset
  • 1 – Have a clearly defined vision
  • There must be something that drives you
  • You need something to focus your attention on
  • 2 – Win the Day
  • Improve incrementally
  • Gain clients 1 at a time
  • “How can I win today to get closer to my vision?”
  • 3 – Be Process-Focused
  • Be able and willing to stay the course
  • Focus on process, not outcome
  • Ignore immediate gratification
  • 4 – Let go of what you can’t control
  • Most things are out of our control
  • Only worry about what you can do
  • Play the hand you are dealt in the best way possible
  • 5 – Commit to consistent improvement
  • Coaching programs, education, self-critique
  • Lifelong learning is very valuable
  • Do not be complacent with knowledge
  • Without a personal operating system, you have nothing

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