I just spoke with a fitness entrepreneur and it inspired me to make a short post.

At least a couple of times per week (and many weeks a dozen or more times) I talk with someone who feels like they’re not making progress in getting new clients.

Perhaps it’s getting your first couple of online clients.

Maybe it’s getting a few new clients into your facility.

Or it could simply be that you’ve been dependent on one marketing channel that has dried up, and now you’re not sure what to do next.

In any of those cases…do the following:


  1. Make a list of everyone you know

It can be everyone locally if you’re doing this for an offline business…but for online, list everyone.

When I say everyone…everyone.

Don’t pre-qualify. Don’t assume.


If you have fewer than 150 people…you’re not trying hard enough.

Phone contacts. Gmail contacts. FB. Linkedin.

Now I don’t mean Fb friends you don’t know…but use these places to make sure you don’t overlook people.


  1. Organize your list by how well you know the person


  1. Now, personally reach out and engage them in a conversation

See what’s going on in their lives.

Ask if there is anything you can do for them.

Make some relationship deposits.


  1. Based on their feedback, do one or both of the following 

a. Invite them in to experience what you do…and I’d probably invite them in for a month for free.

(It has to be a big enough offer to feel like a gift…not a pitch.)

b. Ask them if you can add them to your email newsletter.


5. For the people who come in…overdeliver like crazy

For those who join the email…make their day a little better with everything you send.


  1. That’s your ‘core audience’. Once you’ve established it, your job is two-fold:

a. Nurture it like crazy. Stop spending *all* of your time chasing new people and do more serving of the people you do know.

b. Grow that network of connections…your core audience by 1 – 2 people every day.


One or two is enough if you’re actually engaging them and adding value to their lives.

If you did this and your starting audience was 200…and you added just 1 person a day, 6 days per week…you’d have over 500 people that you have an actual connection with.

How many do you need to move your business forward each year?

25? 50?

Sure – if you want to add 150 new clients in a year, you’ll have to do more than just this…but I’d still start here.

And if you want to add a dozen online clients…this is probably as much as you’ll ever have to do.

So before you ask about how to dial in a FB ad, how to optimize Pinterest or some other online tactic…maybe you could just start by engaging a person, building a relationship and inviting them in?

Seems simple…but simple works.


By Pat Rigsby

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