I want to give you a great tip I picked up at the Dan Kennedy Super Conference from Dan Kennedy himself.

He said, “Most times you can jump to the top of any industry simply by doing everything the opposite of your competition.”

I think back to launching our personal training business and only selling training in 30 minute sessions and on 12 month contracts when everyone else did hour sessions and short term packages.

Starbucks approached selling coffee from as opposite a perspective as could be.

Southwest airlines focused on getting people from one place to another on time for a low price – something unheard of in the airline industry.

If you want to be successful, look at what all the other trainers and clubs are doing – then do the opposite.

If they’re all selling 1 hour, one-on-one sessions, then you should do 30 minute sessions, small group training or bootcamps.

They sell in 12 and 24 packs.

You do 6 and 12 month agreements.

They try to be all things to all people.

You niche your business.

They deliver mediocre service.

You treat clients like royalty.

If you have time today, go do one of my favorite things:

“Shop” a health club.

See what they do. How they sell. What they offer.

After you see how impersonal they are and how they treat their members – go do the opposite.

You’ll be on your way to building a great business.

By Pat Rigsby

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