You may have heard “Learn from the Giants” before but since I have had the amazing opportunity to work with some amazing business owners as well as having Pat Rigsby as a coach and mentor for the last 3 years, the meaning has become so much more apparent.

Personal and professional development is paramount to a successful fitness business. You may be thinking that you are overwhelmed when starting a new business but getting the proper systems in place has proven to make progress much easier.

Professional development for fitness is not just becoming a better coach; most are pretty good at that, but a better person, more disciplined and a better businessperson.

Successful people are always growing. Success is never stagnant.

Take a look at all these ways you can grow and check off the ones you are doing. Then put a plan in place to get the others going!

  • Set goals.
  • Track everything.
  • Create systems.
  • Develop an amazing team.
  • Delegate often.
  • Develop a great culture from the beginning.
  • Read books from the best daily.
  • Attend many conferences.
  • Without fail get in 5 workouts per week.
  • Take scheduled time away from your business.
  • Know your numbers by heart.
  • Create good content and save it.
  • Market consistently.
  • Invest in your team.
  • Network with important people in the community and build relationships.
  • Have a quiet morning ritual.
  • Take care of your body.
  • Invest in yourself.
  • Learn more, earn more.

Remember you are a business owner now, not just a trainer.

Spend time designing the business you want that fits your life.

People get caught up in Internet forums FB groups and think what they see and hear is real life and it’s most likely not. Of course you will always get the picture of all the success and tons of money these people are making but its not the full story.

It’s marketing.

You see, life doesn’t owe us anything, we have to make the best of it. Simple yet true.

​It’s tempting sometimes to aspire to a business without obstacles.

Wouldn’t it be easier if there weren’t any challenges to slow us down or stop us from reaching our goals?

And I’m almost certain that a business without obstacles doesn’t exist.

Those business owners that you compare yourself to who seem to have the business of their dreams with comfort and ease?

They’re just better at hiding their problems than you are.

But before you aspire to a smooth ride with no bumps along the way, consider this…

A business without obstacles:

  • Doesn’t get much done
  • Aspires to nothing
  • Wastes your skills
  • Doesn’t give you the sense of satisfaction that people get when they do something meaningful
  • Doesn’t build strength or resilience
  • Is as boring as hell

If you want to have a meaningful business that makes a difference in the world, don’t try to avoid challenges or difficulties, overcome them.

The greats all have.

You can too!

So get out and learn from the best for yourself and the most valuable programs are the ones where you get to work individually with a coach. This is the real stuff and actually when you will get the “whole” story and realize you are learning by avoiding someone else’s mistakes. I love this.

For me, talking and learning from the source is critical. I don’t want to be lumped into a group where the guy in charge is not even around.

All the programs provided by Pat Rigsby no matter what level have him involved personally.

This is the difference maker. It was for me no doubt.

I get asked pretty regularly, how I got to where I am today so quickly?

Coaching and mentoring. Being a hard worker and taking action is mandatory but knowing what to do and when to do it is what makes the difference.

Ask yourself:

  • How is your development going today?
  • Are you growing daily?
  • Are you learning daily?
  • Are you taking action daily?

Never stop learning no matter what and refuse to spend any day of your life the same.

And remember, the obstacle is the path.

By Fred Zoller

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