So I figured I’d give you a general look at my marketing ‘strategy’ if you prefer to call it a strategy.

I tend to think of it as an approach.

So really, it all starts with a few general concepts:

  • Play to my strengths.
  • Connect with people in an effort to develop a relationship.
  • Add value to their lives.
  • Be authentic.
  • Be where they are to get their attention and try to make their life better to maintain it.
  • Show up daily.

Play to my strengths:

So writing and connecting are what I’d consider my strengths. Because of that I base most of my marketing efforts around emails where I get to write in a personal, information style that feels (hopefully) just like it would if we were in person having a short conversation.

The podcast plays of a similar theme. Connecting. I want to connect with other entrepreneurs who can add value to the lives of my network. Basically having a conversation with a successful entrepreneur via the podcast does that and is very enjoyable to me (plus it allows me to connect with people I don’t speak to as often as I’d like.)

Connect with people in an effort to develop a relationship:

Pretty much all of my ‘front end’ marketing is in an effort to start a relationship. If I share a lead magnet that someone downloads, they’re introduced to me, my approach via email and what I hopefully can bring to the table for them. The podcast is the same. It’s the Ideal Business Show. It’s about my focus. That way it really only attracts those who might be interested in what I have to share.

Add value to their lives:

Everything I put out is ideally designed to do this. I don’t think of it as content. People have enough information. So my goal is to make their (your) life a little better.

Why life rather than business?

Well, if you’re building your Ideal Business – your life gets better. There are plenty of other ways to change or even grow your business where your life doesn’t improve at all.

So I try to focus only on those where the ultimate effect is a better life.

It’s also part of why I’ve added a podcast. If I can share some stuff that other people do that can make your life better – that’s perfect. Some people may not go for that approach since it doesn’t position them as the lone authority…but frankly I don’t care. There is enough business to go around and the people who connect with my stuff will gravitate to me. If I introduce them to someone who they better connect with – great.

Be authentic:

I want people to see me for who I am very quickly. My goal is that if / when they meet me in person they feel like they already know me and that I’m pretty much the same as the person they’ve connected with online.

It’s also why I do my private consults at my house. I want people to know, like and trust me – and it’s impossible to do that long term if you’re not *real.*

Be where there are to get their attention and try to make their life better to maintain it:

I do FB ads and use FB in other ways, have a Linkedin Group, post a lot of my newsletters on my blog to be shared through various social media, speak at a few events each year (3 more this yr) and am now adding the podcast to show up where the people I want to work with are.

There are also 3 books I’m working on that should be released in the next few months.

I show up in a few different spots to meet people where they are – then try to add value to their lives in the way I’ve already touched on to hopefully keep their attention.

Show up daily:

I really believe that I can’t decide when someone is ready to get coaching or decide they want to improve – everyone is on their own ‘clock.’ But I can show up daily and try to add value to their lives so that when they are ready – I’m here.

OK – that’s a quick overview of my approach. I don’t know how sophisticated it is…but it works for me and is also very enjoyable for me at the same time – a combination that I think we all should want in our marketing efforts.


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