Not to sound like Mr. Fancy Pants but some cool things have been happening in my career lately. Just this past week, I was interviewed for a podcast that has over 80,000 listeners. My friend Sam asked me a great question. I was disappointed I didn’t think to reflect on it myself. She said, “How do you think this happened? Was it the book?”

After thinking for a minute I began to answer. As a person of faith, the first thing that came to mind was that God created some great timing and opportunities.

Then I shared 3 additional reasons. I don’t think these 3 things would have helped as much in isolation. It’s the synergy that helped create the results.


Credibility leads to trust

First, she was right about the book being a part of it. It’s much more than that though. The book is one way to “Show up different” as Pat says.


It adds credibility. Credibility leads to trust. Trust helps connection.


One thing I learned the hard way is to be myself. I used to try to be like others I respected. That doesn’t work though. It’s not authentic.


We all have our own strengths and as long as we play to them and stay true to who we are, people will connect with us.


That doesn’t mean you can’t “borrow” ideas from people. Everyone does. Just do it in your own way.



The second factor I shared with Sam was relationships. Using the podcast as an example, I did NOT have a relationship with the host or the producer of the show. However, I DID have a relationship with someone in their circle, a guy named John. Thinking back, I helped John in several ways:

  • I’ve referred business to him
  • I sent him a book I knew he would enjoy
  • When I found out he started training BJJ, I offered some tips I thought might help him


I really don’t know for sure if that relationship led to the interview but I do know that it didn’t hurt. It has led to some other amazing opportunities either way. I used to think networking was about handing out my business card to as many people as possible.


I’ve now learned that we already know everyone we need to in order to reach our goals.


All of the people in our circle have their own circle of 100 or so people they could potentially connect us to.

In The Power of Who, Bob Beaudine’s says…


“Most people rarely think of their friends as conduits to achieving their dreams and goals. But friends come pre-wired with a strong desire to help us.”


Back when I started training I met a guy who was the trainer of one of the best players in the NFL. I was excited to ask him how he landed such a high profile client. I was sure he had tons of schooling and probably worked for years as a college strength coach working his way up through the ranks. You should have seen the look on my face when he told me how it happened. His wife met the player’s wife at a yoga studio. She was looking for a personal trainer and began working with her new friend’s husband. That led to her introducing him to Mr. NFL. I’m sure the guy is a great coach but it really had nothing to do with how he landed the big client. Of course, it wouldn’t last if he wasn’t good.


Hard Work

The final point is probably the most important.


I said, “Really, it’s just the result of a lot of hard work.” It’s “death by a thousand cuts” but in a good way.


I used to think there would be a moment that I arrived. Years ago, when Groupon was the thing to do, we secured a “Deal of the Day” with them. My office was in my house, now my 2 year old’s room. We sold 441 Groupons. It was so weird to have the phone ring non-stop for an entire day. I thought we made it. Did it help? Sure. Some of those folks are still with us. One is now a coach. But ultimately it led to more hard work servicing those clients and creating systems and all. The goals get changed and we keep trudging forward. If I’m honest, I have to pinch myself sometimes when I look back at where we started and where we are now. It’s hard work but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In Money: Mastering the Game, Tony Robbins quotes…


“Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year and underestimate what they can accomplish in 10.”


It’s ironic because many fitness professionals complain about their clients wanting a quick fix. Then they do the same. Early on in my career I had the opportunity to spend some time with someone you would definitely know in our industry. He’s a top dog. I got to “sit in” on his session with a pro athlete. I was expecting to see some crazy exercises that I’d never seen before. The special ones reserved for the celebrity trainers and athletes. I was shocked when I saw the list of exercises:

  • One arm row
  • Lat pulldown
  • Planks
  • Squats


There was small talk between sets. For the most part it looked identical to my sessions.


That’s when I was reminded that there really is nothing “new.” There is just what works!


I also realized just how much like everyone else both these guys were. They just took their gifts, mastered them, and are now standing on top of a pile of failures with their hand raised like a champ! Why can’t you do the same!?!


By William Hofacker

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