Yesterday I was working on a copywriting project for a colleague and I started to give some thought to how important something like that is to a business.


He could have the best product on the planet, but if the copy doesn’t reflect that…well, no one might ever know.


But I think why I like copywriting so much is that it provides leverage.

You write one compelling sales message and it can essentially be your automated sales person to thousands.

And good sales copy can be a game changer.

A few years back someone suggested I delegate writing sales copy – so I explained the numbers to them.

Let’s say that for a product, my sales page converts at 5% to the audience it’s in front of. (That’s a high percentage for cold traffic, but very manageable when in front of an audience who already knows, likes and trusts you.)

And let’s say that if I’d have delegated it…and the junior copywriter’s page converted at 3%.

If each page was selling a $100 product and each page got 20,000 clicks – mine generated $100,000 and his generated $60,000.


A difference like that could be the difference between profitability and losing money if you’re running ads. Between business failure and success depending on what your overhead is.


Regardless…the difference is a LOT of money.

That’s the power of a leverage point.

There are a few real leverage points that you have at your disposal if you want to use them…here are a few:


Good Sales Copy 

I just shared how that can provide you some powerful leverage.


A Responsive Email List

Once you have a responsive email list, you can send one message and it’s seen by hundreds or even thousands. One of the 2 most powerful leverage points I think you can have.


Training Multiple People At Once

Here you’re leveraging your time and skill – it’s become common in the industry today, but for a long time this simple leverage point wasn’t appreciated.



With these in place you can scale your business and leverage your knowledge so that it’s used to allow others to execute on your behalf.


Skill Development

If you get better at selling, the same time invested will yield more sales. Get better at program design and you can take less time to write the same or better programs.


Online Products & Programs

Through this channel you can scale your business beyond your local area and share what works for you globally.


Borrowed Expertise

I think this may be the most powerful leverage point of all. When someone comes to do a 1 day consulting session with me, they’re essentially getting a decade of my knowledge and experience in a day. All my trial and error, everything I’ve done and gone through – distilled down and shared with them in a way that is specific to their business.

Any sort of continuing education works that was to a degree. From books to conferences…you’re leveraging someone else’s knowledge and experience.


There are plenty of others – but these are my favorites. The most important thing is that you look for ways to create leverage in your business and your life. You’ll get where you’re trying to go much, much faster.


By Pat Rigsby

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