All too often, the difference between us succeeding and not is simply taking action.


We know a lot of things we could do…but we need to actually start by doing one of them.

With that in mind, here is a simple plan to get you going…


Step 1: Choose A Strategy For Growth

There are dozens of things you can do to grow your business, but I don’t want to overcomplicate this so we’re going to limit the list to things that you can do that won’t cost much money, are relatively easy to implement and can be started immediately.

Here are your options:

  • Add an upsell at the Point of Sale
  • Switch your month to month clients or clients that pay by check into 3, 6 or 12 month clients on EFT.
  • Raise your rates 3-5%.
  • Launch a Reactivation Campaign
  • Add a Point of Sale Referral Request
  • Launch an evergreen Referral Program
  • Create a Strategic Alliance with another local business
  • Collect Testimonials from your successful clients
  • Launch a Transformation Challenge
  • Hold a 3 Day Promotion
  • Hold a Bring A Friend Event
  • Create a Downsell Offer

Now it’s time to decide which strategy you’ll use over the next several days to grow your business.

Will you ask your new clients to upgrade to a bigger program or a special bundled offer?

Will you initiate a strategic alliance with someone who can send you clients right away?

Will you raise your rates?

Which strategy should you execute first?

That depends on what you already have in place, the assets you have available (database, space, time, etc) and what has the most potential upside for your particular situation.

Honestly, I don’t care.


I just want you to do SOMETHING.


Take action and reap some rewards.

Then choose another one and do the same.

So pick one strategy and get started.


Step Two: Create Your Plan

Once you’ve decided which strategy you’re going to use, you need to develop your action plan.

You need the details worked out, the timeline in order, specifics about any other people (like staff members or JV Partners) that might be involved and items / materials needed to execute the plan.


This plan is basically your outline for your new growth strategy – so make sure you’ve done your preparation.


Here’s an example:

72 Hour Promotion

Dates: February 26th – 28th


Offer: Launch of 6 Week Nutrition Coaching Program.

During 72 Hour Promo the price will be $197.

After the promotion it will be $297.


Needs: 3 Days Worth of Promotional Emails (4 emails in all).

Flyers to be handed out in the facility.

A dry erase board for internal promotion.

Course materials.

Course details (dates / times / description).


Other People’s Involvement: Other staff members should know details and be able to enroll clients.


Incentive to Buy: $100 off the program if purchased during the promotion.

That’s about it. You can certainly get more detailed, but that would be enough to build on.


Step Three: Produce The Materials

Whether it’s simple email broadcasts to your list, a form that clients can use to give you testimonials or new price sheets reflecting your increased rates – you’ll need to produce the emails, scripts, flyers, forms, content and whatever else is needed to execute your strategy.

For a Testimonial Request Campaign, here’s an example of the materials you might need:

  • Testimonial form – online or offline
  • Script to ask for testimonials to be used in person or on the phone
  • Email to request testimonials


Step Four: Prepare Others To Do Their Part

If you are enlisting staff members, strategic alliance partners or clients to play a role in your strategy, you need to empower them to do their part.

This means giving them the tools and training needed to execute the plan.

For example: If you were going to include photos or videos in this, then directions for your staff or any outline for the specifics / format would also be necessary.

If you are asking your clients to refer people – you need to not only incentivize your clients, but you also need to educate them on what a good referral looks like, provide them with marketing materials and tell them what steps to take to get a referral into your pipeline.

Scripts, tools, specifics about the plan and it’s execution are all necessary if you’re getting others involved.


Step Five: Launch!

This is the day you put everything into action.

Review your plan, make sure all systems are go and start bringing in new clients, getting testimonials or generating revenue.

Be sure that the fulfillment of anything you sell is in place.

Refine your scripts and emails based on the feedback that comes in.

Offer extra thanks or post-purchase reassurance for anyone that purchases or responds.

Be sure to track your plan and the results so you can improve on the plan and roll the strategy out again in the future or use the intelligence you gain to improve other strategies you implement.


That’s it – Plan it, do it, track it.


Reap the benefits and move to the next strategy.

If you want to grow your business, being proactive and regularly taking actions like these are a must.

Use this plan to get you started and use the momentum and cash you generate to take your business to the next level.


By Pat Rigsby

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