When I first started my business I did something you might consider crazy. When I would sign someone up, it was always on an ongoing program. It didn’t matter if it was a free week trial or a 21 day front end offer (FAO).

I would sit down with them and as part of the consultation explain how the process of physical change works. I would share how the body is constantly creating new cells and the quality of those cells (healthy VS. unhealthy) would be determined largely by the choices they would make.


Since I believed so much in my ability to help them, an ongoing program would be the only logical solution.


After all, I knew that Mrs. Jones, who was 60 pounds overweight and on all types of medication was headed for trouble without my help. The last thing she needed was a “21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program” or worse, a 10 session package. She needed a lifestyle change and someone who cared that would guide her and hold her accountable.

It’s hard to believe now, but I rarely, if ever received any push back on my approach. And I’m on Long Island, NY – Not an area known for the most understanding people. For a variety of reasons, I eventually out grew this approach.


Enter the Fast Action Offer (FAO)

A few times per year now we run what we’ve coined the 10-4 Challenge. The hook is to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks but once we start connecting with folks, we really focus on the lifestyle changes. We try to add a lot of value with the challenge and include an orientation, nutrition seminar, private FB group, additional bonus challenges, charity giving, special workouts, a party, etc. The investment for the challenge is $199 and includes 3 training sessions per week in addition to all the bonuses.


This can be done in a variety of ways so you’ll have to decide what works best for you. I’ve heard of people trying to do FAOs through e-mail with video instructions. While this approach definitely leverages time, for me it takes the “personal” aspect out of it too much. I know Justin and others who do their FAOs in a group setting and do it very well. For us, one-on-one or one-on-two works best at our small training facilities.


The Offer

First I’ll tell you what the offer is and then I’ll explain how it’s positioned. Let me build some street credibility first. These are real numbers. During one of your recent challenges we met with 20 of the folks doing the challenge and 17 of those 20 signed on for long-term memberships. Hopefully your ears perked up!


The offer is simply that if they sign on for a membership, we credit their investment for the challenge (the $199) into their membership. You can structure it in a variety of ways. We split it between their second and third months.


The Positioning

The first thing we do is schedule an appointment with them. You can call the appointment what you want. We call it a Success Session. I usually say something like this:


“The Success Session is an important part of your program. It’s an opportunity to sit with us one on one to dive deeper into your goals. You can give me feedback on how it’s going so far and most importantly we ensure you are set up for long term success. I have Monday at 4PM or Thursday at 9AM available. Which works better for you?”


Keep in mind the Success Session can be scheduled when they first register for the challenge, when they come in for the orientation, or once they get started. We find that after they’ve completed their first week is the best time to make the offer.


The Success Session has a similar format to a typical consultation. It consists of building rapport and connecting with the person by asking powerful questions. Toward the end of the session I say something like this:


“Well Mrs. Jones it’s been great connecting with you and learning more about you. You’re off to a great start and have some really exciting goals. I’m assuming that since you’re doing so great and enjoying the program that you’ll want to continue with us after the challenge. Is that right?”


Usually I’ll see a head nod.

Then I’ll go into the special offer. Here are some of the important factors.


The Reason

There has to be a solid reason for the offer. For us, it’s because we want to focus on the program and are passionate about helping people get results, not administrative tasks of following up after the challenge.



Don’t over-complicate it. I usually say something like “Our most successful members usually choose this or this option. Which would work better for you?”


Guide them

Don’t think of it as “closing” or “selling” someone. There is a person sitting with you who is looking for a guide to help them with a problem they admittedly can’t fix themselves. Serve them as you would want to be served.


Fast action offers can be a great tool in your sales process. It really takes the “selling” out of selling and if you provide excellent service then it’s a no-brainer for most people. If you don’t provide an excellent service, the numbers will show you.


By William Hofacker

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