You’ve seen it.

Maybe you fall prey to it.

Businesses go hot and cold with their marketing.  

They’re aggressive whenever things get really slow.

Then, when they get busy they stop marketing.

They stop emailing their subscribers and nurturing that relationship.

They’ll have a million excuses as to why…but the bottom line is that they drop the ball.

What they fail to see is that this approach turns a warm prospect into a cold one, by the time you get back around to marketing to them again.

Here’s why this is a TERRIBLE approach…and why you see me in your inbox pretty much daily.

We can’t know when our prospects are going to be ready for what we have to offer.

Because of this we need to get to them way before they make that decision.

To be building a relationship.

See – marketing isn’t about hard selling someone. It’s all about getting a prospect to know who you are, like you and trust you.

And that isn’t going to happen overnight.

Here are some things to think about:

Know: We get to know people gradually, through either an extended contact or many smaller interactions.  Relationship Marketing works the same way.  In most cases, a prospect isn’t going to appoint you their trusted authority overnight…so you have to go with the “be present all the time, so when they need/want you – you’re there” approach.  

That is the essence of Relationship Marketing.  

Like: This is about being authentic.  Will everyone like you?  Nope…but you don’t need everyone.  

You just need enough of the right someones.  

Here’s the tough part about this though.  They have to not only like what you’re offering but they also need to like who is offering it.

So be you.

Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of actually transitioning someone from prospect to client.  How do you get them to trust you? It’s simple…be honest, be consistent & dependable and give value.

Since you’re reading this…you already know that I try to develop these 3 through the newsletter I send you.

In fact, I think that the newsletter is about as valuable a tool as you can use to develop K-L-T.

Are you using one?

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