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Decades ago Napoleon Hill interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs. His works like Think & Grow Rich are legendary - and his influence has been felt by millions. But one of his most important findings, in my opinion, was that of all the succe [...]

One of the biggest mental shifts I have ever made when it came to making better decisions and ultimately working toward my Ideal Business was substituting one four letter word for another. Instead if thinking: 'Should I spend my time doing this', I s [...]

I’d say that baseball…either playing or coaching, has taught me more than any other experience outside of being a parent - and many of those things that I learned through baseball have been at the core of any business success I’ve had. So I thought I [...]

If you really want to know the thing that allows some people to enjoy success while others settle for mediocrity – it’s really pretty simple. Drive. If one of your clients wants to reach their goals, it’s more about their want, desire and willingness [...]

I often have questions from entrepreneurs about building their Ideal Businesses. Others tell them that this whole concept is a fantasy… …that they should settle for having what I’d consider a pretty mediocre business. So I wanted to make sure you kne [...]

I've often explained follow up marketing using the analogy of a bank account. When you deliver great value, you're making a deposit. When you try to aggressively sell, you're making a withdraw. Branding is essentially the same...anything that makes a [...]

In many ways, I think creating a Brand is the future in business. Let me explain. Here are 3 quick reasons why creating a it your personal Brand or a Business Brand...will make a big difference. 1. To allow you and your business to Be Know [...]