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If you want to run a great business, you need to focus on the two R’s. Results & Relationships. Results are those things we can quantify...things that we measure as a means of deciding whether we won or lost. Mediocre (or worse) business owners s [...]

Marketing is more competitive than ever before. I can’t tell you how many courses, coaches and agencies there are for running ads on FB alone. Combine that with more franchises with bigger ad spend, increased numbers of businesses in our industry and [...]

When it comes to achieving any sort of lasting success...there's the work that needs to happen on the inside and the work that happens on the outside. If you're trying to grow your business, you know the types of things that entails... Running ads Se [...]

Many people are confused by how best to create their Ideal Business. Step 1 is to understand where you currently score across the 8 Ideal Business Indicators. Start your journey toward your next business breakthrough by completing your Ideal Business [...]

Today I turn 46 and it’s been another great year in the books. Over the past few years I’ve made a habit of recapping the most important lessons I’ve learned or have been reminded of recently. Some of these I’ve shared before, as so many ‘truths’ wil [...]

Doug Spurling is the owner of Spurling Fitness, and he’s really done some incredible things in a pretty short period of time. Doug’s one of the younger members of our mastermind group, and not even yet 30 years old. He’s built [...]

When I coached baseball I had a playbook.   136 pages of everything that encompassed what we did as a program.   It addressed everything from base running and batting to dress code and class attendance. One of the components of this playbook was o [...]