When discussing marketing it’s easy to fall back to the standby stuff like networking, public speaking, direct mail and PPC ads.

But these are not the only ways to grow your business. Here are 7 hidden fitness marketing tactics that will help you grow your business in a hurry.1. Have a ‘Carrot’

One of the best hidden fitness marketing tactics I know is to build “carrots” into your business. Martial arts does this with the belt system. Most MLM companies have this with different tiers you can ascend through by reaching certain performance benchmarks. The easiest way to build a carrot into your business is to run transformation contests so your clients have a short term deadline to shoot for. But don’t limit yourself to this. There are plenty of other ways that you can set intermediate goals for your clients so they can reach certain benchmarks to reinforce their successful behavior.

2. Recognize

Make sure you’re recognizing your clients every chance you get… the loyalty it will build is enormous. Client of the week or month. Simple acknowledgment of a job well done. An occasional card congratulating someone on their accomplishments. All of these will help you build a fiercely loyal client base that will refer people to you over and over.

3. Social proof

People want to see people who’ve been where they want to go. Collect tons of testimonials, before and after pics, and success stories. Make them a key part of every website, blog, ad, and postcard and showcase them in your facility. This will close more people for you than the best sales script ever will.

4. Continual improvement

If you want to keep your clients excited, continually add new features, offerings and systems. This will keep things fresh and keep your people from looking elsewhere for the “better mousetrap.” Plus these new additions are great for generating publicity and to use as marketing assets.

5. Have a Hook

People want to feel like the person they’re working with is an expert in exactly what they need. If someone wants to become a better cyclist, they want someone who is an expert in coaching cyclists. If they’re moms, they want a mom’s fitness expert. Figure out your hook, and it will make everything else about marketing easier.

6. Consistently soft selling

You should always be building value in your other offerings. If you sell supplements – talk about the benefits, share success stories, and present it as a solution when the opportunity presents itself. You can do this without ever hard selling someone. You’re just sharing solutions and successes.

7. Over Delivering

It goes without saying, but every day you have the opportunity to keep your clients excited about you and your business, so make sure that you do. You are delivering so much more than just results. You’re delivering an experience.

Make sure the atmosphere is energetic and motivating. If you train in groups be sure to give everyone some personal attention. Send personal cards & emails. Make personal calls. Set yourself apart from every other business your clients interact with. You’re guaranteed growth if you do.

So there are 7 hidden fitness marketing tactics that get overlooked more than they should.

By Pat Rigsby

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